02.07.2021, 15:05

Expat I m Lucky to be in Vietnam During Covid 19 Pandemic

For many foreigners, living in Vietnam during the age of Covid is a blessing.

Daniel Dobrev, advisor and head of the Economic and Trade Department, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria. Photo: Vietnam Times

The consensus between the Government and citizens is the most prominent feature in Vietnam’s Covid-19 containment efforts, according to Daniel Dobrev, advisor and head of the Economic and Trade Department, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Hanoi.

“I think the Vietnamese Government has well responded to the pandemic, even before the coronavirus spread to Vietnam,” Dobrev told Vietnam Times.

Authorities have effectively deployed anti-pandemic measures, from the central to local levels, big cities to small localities, he added. Unlike other nations, Vietnamese citizens easy comply with saftey regulations and demonstrate heroic levels of self-discipline. They abide by social distancing order and are willing to “sacrifice” daily commune and work for the sake of public health, which is different from the Westerners who champion personal freedom over the safety of others.

“The government has done a good job in arousing a sense of community and union in Vietnamese citizens," Dobrev said. “Therefore, outbreaks are only small-sized and cause no serious effects on metropolises like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.”

Dobrev is also impressed by the good management and prompt response of the medical system, which he said has improved greatly since the pandemic broke out. There have been virtually no or only a few serious Covid-19 infections, no increase in treatment fees. Healthcare workers are dedicated and go the extra mile to help patients.

Expat I m Lucky to be in Vietnam During Covid 19 Pandemic

Medical staff prepare to disinfect a hospital in Hanoi amid the Covid-19 pandemic on May 7, 2021. Photo: VNE

In addition, he said, the government has created a strong frontline personnel of medical experts and healthcare workers from private, state, military, and specialized hospitals. This is a smart move when human resources are limited, enabling Vietnam to shoulder the pandemic without any medical assistance from foreign countries.

Authorities have well maintained economic growth in the coronavirus age, trying to support hard-hit enterprises and workers.

“I’m surprised that many companies, even foreign investors from Japan, Taiwan, or the US, have donated money and medical supplies,” he said. “I also see a lot of people buying agricultural products for the farmers in Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong. This is a great example of mutual support in the face of the global pandemic.”

Dobrev has been doing his work mostly on online platforms, limiting meetings in HCMC, Da Nang and other cities outside Hanoi. He encourages other people to put on face masks and remain safe distance while in public places, even reports restaurants violating preventive protocols to the police.

“I’m lucky to stay in Vietnam during the pandemic. This is a safe and secure country,” Dobrev said.

Jasmine Le