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Black Desert SEA Welcomes Charming Twin Class Maegu Along with a Special Gift

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Pearl Abyss announced today that the second twin class "Maegu" has finally arrived in Black Desert SEA. First released on Black Desert Mobile, she is now making a jump to unite with her younger twin sister. Adventurers can now experience both intriguing twins along with a special gift. 

Black Desert SEA Welcomes Charming Twin Class Maegu Along with a Special Gift

Black Desert SEA Welcomes Charming Twin Class Maegu Along with a Special Gift

Maegu, the fox-summoning Do wielder of the Jwado School, possesses a charming personality that is vastly different from her calm and elegant twin sister. Much like a fox, her swift movement allows her to dodge and avoid incoming attacks. The enemies who dare challenge her will be ensnared by her alluring combat style. 

Her main weapon, the "Foxspirit Charm," is used to cast various spells on her enemies, spreading a dazzling display of spirit charms. Despite its fanciful appearance, it inflicts great damage upon her enemies. Also, her sub-weapon, the "Binyeo Knife," can run through her enemies dealing additional damage. 

With her alluring fox-like combat style, she wields magic across five distinct skills: 

  • Soul Tear: In the blink of an eye, Maegu is driven forward under the guise of the revered fox spirit. After that she will return to her original form, stabbing her target with the Binyeo Knife. 
  • Soulsnare - Flow: Hanpuri: With the grace of a dancer, she throws out the Fox Charm to interrupt her opponent's movement. Then, she approaches suddenly to lodge the Binyeo Knife firmly in her opponent's chest. 
  • Ghost Bomb: Maegu turns her body to the side, avoiding incoming hits and throwing out a spirit charm. Then, another spirit charm appears at the location, exploding and dealing damage. 
  • Bristling Sparks: Maegu burns a charm to form a wall of spirit charms in front of her to inflict constant damage. Then, she takes her Binyeo Knife and detonates the summoned charms, causing great damage. 
  • Foxspirit: Deceiver: Channeling the power of the Fox Spirit, Maegu creates a doppelganger, confusing her enemies. She can also be cunning and switch positions instantly with her doppelganger. 

To celebrate Maegu's arrival and the reunion of the twins, Adventurers can acquire a "J's Hammer of Loyalty" through Black Desert SEA's official website which is an item that safeguards a downgrade in enhancement levels for high-level gear in case the attempt fails. 

Watch Maegu's combat trailer here and find a coupon code here.

Source: Pearl Abyss Related Stocks: Korea:263750

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