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Pearl Abyss to Hold Calpheon Ball 2022 in Los Angeles and at New Headquarters in South Korea for the First Time

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert's annual global community event, the Calpheon Ball, will be taking place abroad for the first time in Los Angeles on December 10, 2022 (PT). Black Desert Mobile will also host its Calpheon Ball on its own at Pearl Abyss' new headquarters, Home One, on the same day (KST). 

Pearl Abyss to Hold Calpheon Ball 2022 in Los Angeles and at New Headquarters in South Korea for the First Time

[Image] Black Desert Calpheon Ball 2022

Black Desert Calpheon Ball in LA 

For the first time, Pearl Abyss will travel overseas to host their Calpheon Ball and meet Adventurers in person. The announcement of the event has drawn attention from Adventurers in North America. 

At the event, Pearl Abyss will unveil new content updates including Black Desert IP's first twin class, "Woosa". The event will have more announcements followed by a Q&A session run by the game developers, all livestreamed worldwide. 

[Image] Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball 2022

Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball at Home One 

This year, Black Desert Mobile's Calpheon Ball will greet Adventurers in Pearl Abyss' new headquarters "Home One". The event will also be livestreamed, inviting global Adventurers to participate in the exciting announcements and entertainment that Black Desert Mobile has to offer. 

Black Desert Mobile will reveal the other new twin class, "Maegu,'' during the presentation, and offer a glimpse into next year's upcoming content with new announcements as well. Additionally, Adventurers' questions about the game will be answered during a Q&A session. 

Livestreams of both Calpheon Balls will be supported in nine languages: Korean, English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. 

Pearl Abyss has been actively communicating with global Adventurers by hosting various offline events across the world. The company plans to identify more opportunities to communicate with users more frequently in the future. 

Find more information about Calpheon Ball 2022 on Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile's official websites. 

Black Desert SEA: 

Black Desert Mobile:  

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