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An Immaculate OLED Expression - Toshiba TV X9900L

HONG KONG, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In technology's most advanced age, a unique experience is composed for all lovers of pristine display and the crispest sound to emanate from a television. The Toshiba TV X9900L promises an immaculate viewing experience, evidenced by truly remarkable features. This model is expected to be the first to hit the Russian market in the first quarter, with Brazil, Australia and South Africa to follow.

An Immaculate OLED Expression - Toshiba TV X9900L

The flagship 4K OLED X9900L television is fitted with an eye-catching OLED display with rich depths and vast luminous colors – all in modern minimalist design fashion. Capable of displaying the perfect black for dark scenes, X9900L enables other colors to shine brighter and to make for a flawless contrast, resulting in vividly crystal scenes.

Fitted with the impressive self-luminous technology and the professional Al engine, the X9900L's REGZA engine OLED provides better contrast, color display, making it the choicest for avid gamers and fast-action sequence lovers alike.

The ensemble for a modern luxurious OLED television is incomplete without the features for rich, premium-quality sound.

Unlike any other television, the X9900L has an innovatively unique sound source. As a delightful twist, the X9900L is built to convey sound directly from the display screen to the viewer.

This dynamic audio system is powered by the REGZA Power Audio Extreme, a complete TRU  Bass Processor that combines the screen sound with psychoacoustic bass for undistorted listening; the strategic REGZA 3.1.2 surround sound configuration, and the Dolby Atmos front exit sound – all to make an immersive three-dimensional sound field.

These features render the Toshiba TV X9900L as nothing less than an audio powerhouse, capable of holding the sound fortes without the use of external speakers for amplification.

As the Toshiba TV X9900L launches in markets across the world, there is no gainsaying that the craftsman is set to raise the home entertainment bar to another high level. Through this Toshiba TV flagship 4K OLED television, the most profound statement of stunning high-performance technology has found the immaculate expression.

To find out more, stay tuned to Toshiba TV on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

Source: Toshiba TV

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