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Entering the year of Asian Games in Hangzhou

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A report from 

The Chinese call the first day of the first lunar month "New Year", this name originated from the Meng Liang Lu in Song Dynasty. Thousands of years ago, Hangzhou, as the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, left precious Song Yun culture for people. Today, Hangzhou will once again step into the spotlight as the host of the 19th Asian Games. Starting from the Spring Festival, Hangzhou already has a different atmosphere this year.

During the Spring Festival in Hangzhou, the atmosphere of Song Yun is very strong. Hangzhou launched the new year event of "Collecting Five Blessings, Touring Hangzhou, Tasting Song Yun Culture'". Apart from the activities of gathering five blessingss, Hangzhou also launched the "West Lake Blessing Boat", "DeShou Palace Blessing Red Wall", "New Year's Song Yun Shopping Festival" and other offline activities in order to provide citizens and tourists with the new year atmosphere in Hangzhou.

During the Spring Festival in Hangzhou, the atmosphere of the Asian Games is very strong. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Asian Games. Hangzhou launched the event of collecting Spring Festival couplets of the Asian Games in Jan. 9. Citizens and netizens together will intergrate Asain Games, Folk Culture and Song Yun Culture into the practise of filling in couplets.

During the Spring Festival in Hangzhou, people are having a great time full of happiness. Every year during the Chinese New Year, Hangzhou people will have their own Spring Festival Gala. On the night of Preliminary Eve on January 15, the Hangzhou Online  Spring Festival Gala was broadcast as scheduled. The gala  started with Chinese classical folk music "New Year's Melody" and was divided into four chapters: Energizing Asian Games, Reading Song Yun Culture, Blooming Smart City, and Visioning a Shared Future.

"Mojia", The first China-Chic style robot band from Hangzhou, brought an original song "Mojia Magic Sound". "I'm Looking for Song Yun in Hangzhou" takes the audience to experience the beauty of DeShou Palace, Ba lazi  Alley, Phoenix Mountain and other Song Yun tourist attractions in cinematic shots.

The Hangzhou Online  Spring Festival Gala also reviewed the best moments of 2022, presenting the charm of Hangzhou in traditional festivals, and looking forward to the new atmosphere in the coming year of Asian Games.

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