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Singapore Government Recognizes Yili's Strong CSR Efforts

SINGAPORE, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At the "Heart of Yee Tee" Ground-Breaking Ceremony on January 8, Yili, in partnership with the Singapore government, brought its nutritious and delicious AMBROSIAL yogurt to local residents. Mr. Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, visited Yili's booth and expressed his appreciation for Yili's deep integration into local communities. Yili also received a Certificate of Appreciation at the event from the government which recognized its strong CSR efforts.

Singapore Government Recognizes Yili's Strong CSR Efforts

Mr. Lawrence Wong (fifth from the left), Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, at the AMBROSIAL yogurt booth


Certificate of Appreciation given to Yili by the Singapore government

Yili has been committed to diversifying its products to meet various consumers' diverse demands since the AMBROSIAL yogurt first entered the Singapore market in 2019. To date, three AMBROSIAL yogurt series of seven flavors are now sold in the country. Among the AMBROSIAL yogurt products displayed at the booth, the yellow peach & oats and strawberry & oats flavors were well recognized for their good quality and taste.

Local residents enjoy AMBROSIAL yogurts at the booth

Thanks to its nutritious, healthy products and vibrant brand character, AMBROSIAL yogurt is gaining increasing popularity among Singaporean consumers. The yogurt is available in NTUC  FairPrice, Scarlett, Sheng Siong, Cheers, 7-Eleven and other supermarkets and convenience stores across the island, as well as on e-commerce platforms Shopee and Lazada. Last year, AMBROSIAL yogurt partnered with Scarlett to launch a customized product in family-themed packaging.

AMBROSIAL yogurt packaging co-branded with SCARLETT

Apart from achieving business success in Singapore, Yili has been committed to promoting mutual development with local communities. It has visited local universities such as the National University of Singapore to provide nutritious, delicious products for students. It has also worked hard to become deeply integrated into Singaporean communities by engaging in resident well-being/charity programs. These dedicated efforts have established a strong reputation for Yili among people from all walks of life in Singapore, evidenced by the award recognizing its strong sense of public spiritedness from the Asia-Pacific Elite Entrepreneurs Association.

By providing premium, nutritious and delicious product, Yili's AMBROSIAL yogurt is dedicated to sharing further health benefits with Singaporean consumers. As a healthy food enterprise, Yili will always remain consumer-centered and uphold the corporate belief that "Yili means the best quality," with the aim of offering even more premium services and products globally.

Source: Yili Group Related Stocks: Shanghai:600887

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