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Secondary market activity set to grow in 2023 Driven by Asia

SINGAPORE, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- From Hong Kong and Mainland China to Singapore and Japan, each market has evolved differently and presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

As the Asia-Pacific private equity industry matures, the secondary market, (where buying and selling of equities and assets takes place before a private equity fund's agreed term is up or the company floats on an exchange}, is buzzing with activity.

Secondary deals data is difficult to track, some market participants can be guarded about their motivations, but DPA Investments data shows that specialized secondary fund strategies are on the rise. 

While activity in Asia-Pacific pales in comparison to the more developed markets in the US and Europe, GPs and LPs in the region are increasingly tapping the secondary market for new opportunities and liquidity solutions. In 2022, 10 Asia-Pacific-focused secondary funds raised a total of $2.6bn, up from $1.4bn raised by eight funds in 2021.

2023 promises to be another phenomenal growth year for the Secondary Market.

DPA Investment is an independent asset management company, based in Singapore since 2013. DPA Investment is a company that connects both accredited investors and respected fund managers through our bespoke investment products and fund management platforms.

DPA Investment is looking to expand its client base in Europe on the wave of Secondary Market Interest.


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