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CPIC Life (HK) Launches "CPIC Elite Club" Offering Variety of Benefits to Customers

HONG KONG, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- China Pacific Life Insurance (H.K.) Company Limited ("CPIC Life (HK)" or "the Company") announced the launch of "CPIC Elite Club ("Elite Club"). A kick-off ceremony was held at the Company first anniversary celebration. Mr. John Cai, General Manager (CEO) of China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd., the parent company, came to Hong Kong from Shanghai to host the ceremony. The Elite Club not only provides customers with better service and experience, but also allows members enjoying a variety of benefits to provide them with more holistic solutions for health, wealth and retirement planning.

Mr. Jin Zhaoxin, Director of CPIC Life (HK) said, "CPIC Life Hong Kong has always strived for its core value of "integrity, sustainability, excellence, and innovation" and its mission to "be a responsible insurance company". Adhering to the vision and goal of CPIC, our vision is to create an insurance company with the best in "client experience, business quality and risk control capability". We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive services in wealth management and retirement solution, and offering our customers fresh, smart and delightful experience in response to market changes and client needs."

Both current and new customers of CPIC Life (HK) can opt to join the Elite Club as members.  Members only require to purchase eligible product for which points can be earned. 1 CPIC Elite Club point can be earned for every 1 USD equivalent of total premium payable Note 1. Points may be accumulated. Membership tier is determined by the number of points. Members enjoy the corresponding benefits and rewards according to their membership tier. Certain membership can also obtain the options for residence in Pacific Care Home Communities and apply for residence, where Hong Kong customers can also enjoy high-quality elderly care and health services. For details, please refer to the leaflet of Elite Club and Pacific Care Home.

Note 1: The "total premium payable" is calculated based on the total premium payable by the effective policies of all eligible products of the members, that is, the total annual premium (including the basic plan and additional protection) of the eligible policies multiplied by the premium payment period (in years).

About China Pacific Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited

China Pacific Life Insurance (H.K.) Company Limited ("CPIC Life (HK)")is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Pacific Life Insurance Company Limited ("CPIC Life") which is a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co.,Ltd. ( "CPIC"). CPIC is one of the top three life insurance companies in China (in terms of total gross premium in 2021). CPIC Life Hong Kong was authorized by the Hong Kong Insurance Regulatory Authority to operate long-term insurance business in Hong Kong on November 18, 2021. It is committed to providing customers with comprehensive life insurance and wealth management products to meet the clients' needs at different stages of life. It aims to become one of Hong Kong life insurance companies with the best client experience.

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