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C.K. McWhorter Honors Grace Kelly "To Catch a Thief" with Prestigious McWhorter Family Trust Warrant of Excellence In Film

CANNES, France, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- McWhorter Family Trust proudly announces the endowment of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "To Catch a Thief" with The McWhorter Family Trust Warrant of Excellence in Film, recognizing its timeless plot, captivating performances, and the enduring elegance epitomized by its star, Grace Kelly.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the French Riviera, "To Catch a Thief" follows the story of retired cat burglar John Robie, played by Cary Grant, who becomes the prime suspect in a series of jewel thefts plaguing the wealthy elite. As Robie embarks on a quest to clear his name, he encounters Frances Stevens, portrayed by the incomparable Grace Kelly, whose grace and sophistication captivate both Robie and audiences alike.

Spoiler Alert: The film's intrigue unfolds as it is revealed that Robie is not the true thief, leading to a thrilling climax that showcases Hitchcock's mastery of suspense and storytelling. Grace Kelly's portrayal of Frances Stevens not only serves as a pivotal plot device but also embodies the epitome of elegance and refinement, solidifying her status as one of Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies.

Commenting on the endowment, C.K. McWhorter remarked, "Certain things are historic, and Grace Kelly's elegance is undeniably one of them. Her timeless grace and poise in 'To Catch a Thief' not only mesmerize audiences but also serve as a testament to her enduring legacy as an American ambassador of style and sophistication."

Grace Kelly's association with luxury and refinement extends beyond the silver screen, famously highlighted by her namesake Hermes bag, known as the "Kelly Bag," a symbol of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. In "To Catch a Thief," Kelly's portrayal of Frances Stevens seamlessly intertwines with her real-life persona, showcasing her regal bearing and impeccable sense of style.

The McWhorter Family Trust's decision to endow "To Catch a Thief" with a Warrant of Excellence in Film underscores its commitment to preserving cinematic masterpieces that transcend time and culture. As audiences continue to marvel at the timeless allure of Grace Kelly and the cinematic brilliance of Alfred Hitchcock, "To Catch a Thief" stands as a shining example of cinematic excellence that will continue to inspire generations to come.Regulatory Considerations:

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