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Webuild: 2022 turnover of €8.2bn above expectations, €16bn of new orders

ROME, March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (LaPresse) -- Strong growth in 2022: Webuild exceeded expectations by closing last year with a turnover of €8.2 billion, 22 per cent higher than in 2021, and EBITDA at €572 million, up 27 per cent. The Italian multinational construction and engineering group saw an increase in its orders worldwide last year, with €16 billion of new orders, 75 per cent of which came from foreign markets; in total, orders reached €54.3 billion, a record result for the second consecutive year. Overall, 70 per cent of the turnover was generated abroad, although Italy remains a strategic market for the group.

"We are particularly proud to have achieved very challenging results, as the crowning achievement of a strategic industrial plan that has guided our actions and choices over the past 10 years, together with the 83,000 people who now work with us worldwide," commented the CEO of Webuild, Pietro Salini. "We close 2022 with strong growth results and a positioning that allows Webuild to establish itself more and more as a strategic player in the infrastructure sector in Italy and abroad, counting on a strong presence anchored in low-risk markets." "We have gained a larger presence that allows us to be more and more competitive," Salini continued, "delivering quality infrastructure that improves the lives of clients and local communities, such as subways, high-speed railways, dams, desalination plants, and bridges. 70% of our record turnover of €8.2 billion was generated abroad, in countries such as Australia, the United States, and Northern Europe, where we invested in innovative technologies for sustainable and safe projects. The Roadmap to 2025 marks the consolidation of a new phase for Webuild and its 17,500 suppliers around the world who work together with us, through which we intend to strengthen our partnership with the governments of the countries in which we operate, with the aim of accelerating the ecological and energy transition process and responding to the main megatrends at global level, such as climate change, population growth, urbanisation and the scarcity of resources, particularly water."

The strategic guidelines for the next three years will enable the Webuild Group to achieve a turnover of between €10.5-11.0 billion in 2025, an EBITDA of between €990-1,050 million and a solid financial structure with a net cash position.

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Webuild: 2022 turnover of €8.2bn above expectations, €16bn of new orders

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