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Window Cleaning Company Brings Professional Service To

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Feb. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Florida based Optimum Window Cleaning is pleased to announce that its services now include the community of Santa Rosa Beach. The company offers a variety of cleaning services, but it focuses primarily on window cleaning for properties of all types and sizes. Customers are advised to visit the website to learn more about the company, their history in the field, and the full scope of their services. They may also request an estimate through their website.

As its name suggests, Optimum Window Cleaning aims to deliver an unparalleled service, and it sets itself apart from the competition in several ways. To begin with, while a customer may expect the initial estimate, they receive to be fairly accurate, their property’s actual needs may vary to some degree, which in turn means that the final amount will be different. To avoid confusion or risk surprising the customer with an unexpected fee, the company requires their team to be transparent at all times. This means that the price will be confirmed before any work begins, assuring the customer that their property’s needs have been accurately assessed and they will not have higher costs to deal with without warning.

Optimum Window Cleaning exclusively relies on a fully licensed, insured, and trained team as well, so customers may expect the company’s professional nature to be evident throughout a job. In addition to easy scheduling a cleaning and ensuring the team arrives on time, the company has taken measures to ensure their team is easy to spot — every member has a uniform and has been trained to work closely with the customer to ensure their expectations are met. Further, the company is keen to demonstrate a keen respect for their customers’ property, especially when the job site is a family residence. While they are at work inside a home, for instance, the team will always wear shoe coverings.

“When you choose Optimum Window Cleaning, you can rest assured that you will truly get nothing but the optimal experience. We have been in business for several years, and our time in the industry has long taught us the importance of delivering on all fronts. This means we consider it necessary for the team to do more than the bare minimum, even if that is all our customers have come to expect. With us, you get stellar service from the moment we arrive to when we leave. View our Facebook page for more information.”

Window cleaning, the company explains, is an excellent example of this. Customers tend to expect the company to wash and wipe their windows, and many are willing to pay for the convenience alone. However, Optimum Window Cleaning goes a step further. They will vacuum or wipe all loose debris and residue from tracks or windowsills, remove screens in order to clean them with a brush and water, wash and dry frames and more. The windows themselves, naturally, are cleaned thoroughly (both inside and out), addressing any surface imperfections that may be present. The company says this often involves the removal of bug marks, stickers, paint specks and so on. Once a job is complete, the company will provide a customer with an invoice that includes a full breakdown of all services rendered.

Customers who have already had an opportunity to work with the company have high praise to share. Julie M. says, “Optimum Window Cleaning is one of the most professional companies I've ever dealt with. From the original estimate, all the way through the actual cleaning, everyone goes above and beyond doing their job. They come when they say they are coming, and with a smile on their face. I now have them on a regular schedule, so my windows stay sparkly clean. Ryan and Eddie are awesome!”

Customers are welcome to contact the company by phone to discuss which services are required for their property.



For more information about Optimum Window Cleaning Santa Rosa Beach, contact the company here:

Optimum Window Cleaning Santa Rosa Beach
Michael Wood
(850) 326-2140
150 Loblolly Bay Dr
Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Window Cleaning Company Brings Professional Service To

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