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AmazeWallet develops a breakthrough blockchain that can run

London, UK, Feb. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global Web3 company, AmazeWallet, has built a Layer 1 network which is capable of running on smartphones, taking a huge leap forward for blockchain technology. The light nodes are housed within a feature-packed ‘super’ app, which allows users to mine tokens, mint NFTs, swap crypto and even send encrypted messages. It is currently available on iOS and Android in a testing stage.

A super-app built for global adoption

Coming from software giants with billions of daily active users, the international AmazeWallet team started building this ‘next generation’ of blockchain ecosystem in 2017. They want everyone within Web3—developers, NFT artists, traders, crypto miners, investors, the privacy-conscious (and beyond)—to benefit from their technology, and even have a global payments system already planned in the roadmap. The underlying chain is an ideal platform for app developers and businesses to build on: one which is as ready for mass adoption as the current Web2 infrastructure.

Pushing the boundaries of mobile technology

Blockchain is ripe for innovation and has recently faced harsh challenges from the wider industry and critics, due to the lack of scalability and security (which it was supposed to solve in the very first instance!). The Amaze project, during all this turmoil, has involved over 400 coding contributors to deliver first-time tech breakthroughs, such as trustless multi-chain access, sharding, quantum-resistant security and 2128 better encryption than SHA256. Using AmazeWallet, users can contribute to securing the network for as little as 1-2% battery power per day, and 36mb of data per month.

AmazeWallet CEO, Jeffrey Lee says: “Web3 projects tend to try and deliver, either great customer experiences or underlying scalable infrastructure—but rarely both. The combination of our end-user AmazeWallet app with its high-performing AmazeChain makes us unique in our approach and allows us to achieve mass adoption. We are relentlessly improving and have already issued eight updates based on community feedback in our Beta testing.”

A successful test in a bear market

After coming out of stealth mode back in November, over 70,000 wallets have been created on the AmazeChain testnet in just six weeks. Despite the challenging crypto and tech market conditions, we believe that teams which are building real use cases and valuable products will undoubtedly attract a community and create long-term value. The AmazeWallet project has already generated a great deal of interest, despite little publicity, and the team looks forward to continuing to show to users and investors the clear advantages of the app and Layer 1 network.

The AmazeWallet app, featuring a powerful set of features such as a self-custodial wallet, exchange gateway, dApp browser, mobile mining, NFT minting with a marketplace, and an encrypted messenger, is set to launch in early 2023. The team has already secured a Money Services Business (MSB) license in Canada. The project will soon release its own utility token to power the AmazeWallet ecosystem. For more information, please visit

AmazeWallet develops a breakthrough blockchain that can run

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