22.11.2020, 15:49

Apple iOS 14.3 developer beta 2 is now available with a major new iPhone 12 Pro feature

9to5Mac reports that the beta is now available, and includes the Apple ProRaw mode on those handsets. This is a feature that lets you capture raw format images on the default iPhone camera app, but it goes a step further and adds some of Apple’s clever processing to images, which previously has been absent when shooting in raw.

It does that while still retaining all the depth and flexibility of raw format – so you don’t lose any of the quality like you would with a JPEG, and you can tweak the images to your liking.

Apple promises that its ProRaw mode does all this while keeping the shooting and editing experience intuitive, meaning that ProRaw could appeal to both expert and amateur photographers.

Other additions

That’s certainly the highlight of the iOS 14.3 beta, but the update also activates new Cardio Fitness notifications for Apple Watch users and allows you to update the firmware of HomeKit accessories via the Home app.

9to5Mac reports that it also found references to AirTags and AirPods Studio in the beta’s internal files, further suggesting these could land soon. There’s also apparently evidence that Apple is working on a new menu that will suggest third-party apps to users during device setup.

This beta has landed alongside a similar iPadOS 14.3 developer beta 2 for iPads, and we’d expect there won’t be too much of a wait before the 14.3 update lands in finished form – so unless you really can’t wait to get your hands on Apple ProRaw it’s probably worth holding off for now, since betas tend to have bugs.

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Via PhoneArena