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UK and Europe weather forecast latest November 14 Unsettled weekend in Britain with a ferocious cold

UK's weather forecast

According to Express, arctic air from the north is expected to plunge southwards towards the end of November and could bring wintry weather to the UK. WxCHARTS' snow depth forecast shows higher ground in Scotland could have a layer of snow settle over a two to three day period from Thursday, November 19 and Saturday, November 21. The snow probability models also show a 30 to 40 percent chance of snow for much of the following week, across northern parts of the country, as the charts turn blue on these days.

Temperatures are also expected to plunge to freezing lows of 0C in central and western Scotland during this period in November, forecasts suggest.

UK long-range forecast: Temperatures are expected to plunge to 0C (Image: WXCHARTS)

Northern parts of England including Newcastle and Liverpool may see temperatures fall to single figures of 3C. And southern regions including London and Surrey could also shiver with chilly lows of 4C. BBC Weather's long-range forecast between Monday, November 23 and Sunday, December 6, predicted wintry shows in the north and west.

The forecast said: "Although it will often be quite mild, the low pressure track will occasionally dip southwards over central Europe towards the Alps and Italy."

"This will pull in winds from the north or northwest into the UK, leading to colder snaps, with night frosts and squally wintry showers."

"The greatest likelihood of snowfall will be over the hills in the north and west, especially in Scotland. A couple of these short cold snaps might be expected to occur during the course of this two week period. But they will not last more than about two or three days, before the mild westerlies return."

UK long-range forecast: Temperatures are expected to plunge to 0C (Image: WXCHARTS)

The Met Office added wintry conditions could strike higher ground in northern regions in December too.

The long-range forecast between Thursday, November 26 and Thursday, December 10, said: "The end of November is likely to be generally settled with high pressure set to dominate, with settled conditions expected to be more prolonged in central and southeastern areas.

"However, occasional unsettled periods do remain possible, although likely to be short-lived and mostly affecting northwestern areas of the UK."

"Temperatures are probably remaining around average at first, before possibly turning colder than average into December with increased risk of overnight frosts. The chance of wintry precipitation could also be increasing into December, notably for northern higher ground."

UK long-range forecast: Cold air will sweep over the UK (Image: WXCHARTS)

Netweather's long-range forecast between Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 8, warned of wintry showers in certain regions of the UK.

It said: "With pressure falling over Scandinavia there is potential for one or two short-lived northerly blasts during this period, possibly bringing wintry showers to northern and eastern regions, mainly near north-facing coasts."

"But a prolonged spell of northerly winds looks unlikely. Otherwise we can expect a continued pattern of westerly winds in the north and high pressure in the south, but with the westerlies tending to take hold more generally towards the end of this period."

"Mean temperatures will again be close to or slightly below normal in parts of the south, but central and northern parts of the UK will again be warmer than average."

UK long-range forecast: A winter chill will sweep over the UK (Image: WXCHARTS)

"Rainfall totals are expected to be above normal in northwest Scotland and near normal in southwest Scotland, northwest England and the west of Northern Ireland, but staying below normal in most other parts of the country."

On November 14

Cloud and outbreaks of rain through Saturday over most of England and Wales as well as Ireland. Drier towards the southeast of England later for a time before more rain pushes in from the west. Scotland will see largely dry conditions in the morning but more persistent rain pushing in to southern and western areas through the afternoon. Mild across much of England and Wales with temperatures between 12 to 15C. Cooler further north and west with temperatures here between 7 and 12C.

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Europe's weather forecast

According Weather Online, sunny spells and dry weather in Spain and Portugal, a few showers to the south and east. The risk of some heavier showers across the Balearics. Corsica and Sardinia should be dry with sunny spells. Rain and showers in western parts of Italy, but dry in the east and south. Greece should be dry with sunny spells, just an occasional shower to the south. Fine across Turkey, plenty of sunshine here as well.

Photo: Stirimeteo

Fair in France but some cloud and spots of drizzle kn central and southern areas. Cloud increases over the Low Countries bringing some patchy rain. Fair across Germany with sunny spells. Another warm day in Poland and Hungary as well as through Austria and Switzerland with good spells of sunshine.

Breezy in Denmark with sunny spells. Fair for Sweden, some sunny spells here. Fine too in the Baltic States and Finland, warm here again. Norway will be windy with some rain and gales in the west. Tending to be drier in the far north.

On November 14

Photo: Weather Online