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UK and Europe weather forecast latest November 3 Remnants of Hurricane Zeta sparks gusts and heavy rainfall to Britain

UK's weather forecast

The BBC Weather service warned of a second day of downpours and strong gales as former Hurricane Zeta replaces Storm Aiden. The Met Office has kept two yellow weather warnings in place for parts of northwestern Scotland, northwest England and Wales. BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said:
"More strong winds, gales if not severe gales across the southwest of Scotland and, yes, more rain. It's all due to this area of low-pressure today, this is the remnants of what was Hurricane Zeta. It's a little further away from Storm Aiden, which is now pushing into the north of Iceland."

"One batch of rain goes through and another one will arrive. This is this morning's rain, heavy across most parts of Scotland, northern England, lighter and patchier across England and Wales."

"It will shift out of the way through the morning. We will see a dry spell, a brighter spell, some of you will see sunshine, particularly Scotland and Northern Ireland, northern and eastern England."

UK and Europe weather forecast latest November 3 Remnants of Hurricane Zeta sparks gusts and heavy rainfall to Britain
BBC Weather: Ex =-Hurricane Zeta will crash into the UK with heavy rain and strong winds (Image: BBC WEATHER)

Despite the brief respite from the rain, showers will resume across the west of the UK, with temperatures expected to take a bit of a hit because of the strong winds.

Mr Taylor noted the worst of the gales will be in the northwest, with winds reaching up to 80mph but other areas will also experience stronger bursts of air.

The BBC Weather meteorologist said:
"The cloud will thicken again as another little wave in our weather front brings heavier rain back to Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, western England and northwest Wales later."

"We'll still see some rain at times in the northwest of Scotland, a cool-feeling day here, milder towards the south and the east, especially if you see a few outbreaks later on."

"I said it would be a windier day, strongest of the winds a little bit down on yesterday but we could see them shift close to 56mph in the southwest. 70-80mph across the Western Isles, whipping up some rough seas again to the north and west of Scotland."

BBC Weather: The Met Office has issued two yellow weather warnings because of the incoming front (Image: BBC WEATHER)

Temperatures are expected to drop slightly as we go through the evening and overnight but Mr Taylor still noted it could the "warmest" November night on record,

He added:
"Those winds will only take a while to ease down through tonight but some clearer skies will develop for Scotland and Northern Ireland later, allowing temperatures to drop down here in mid-single figures."

"A rather cool night to come. But with the cloud and patchy rain, it could be one of the warmest November nights on record. Temperatures for the south are around 16C-17C."

Unsettled conditions will continue through the early hours of Monday, with some sunny spells expected to develop across the south once the cloud clears.

The BBC Weather forecaster said:
"On Monday, our weather front shifts out of the way, early cloud and rain in East Anglia and the southeast will depart during the first part of the day, then sunny spells are developing."

Photo: Weather Online

"But it's going to be a story of sunshine and showers through Monday. Showers will be most frequent across parts of southern Scotland, northern England, north Wales and Northern Ireland. Some of those could be heavy with hail and thunder."

Europe's weather forecast

BBC Weather
have forecasted powerful gales and heavy showers across Europe in the new week.

BBC Weather forecaster Stav Danaos said Europe can expect to deal with some strong winds over the next few days. While some areas, most notably eastern parts of the continent, remain dry, some areas will experience significant rainfall going forward. Temperatures are also expected to drop after a short surge as colder air moves in from the west.

Mr Danaos said:
"Much of the European continent is dry and settled with some sunshine. Temperatures are above the seasonal average across more eastern parts of Europe. Further north and west, although it can be mild it, it is very wet and windy. We have seen widespread gales and heavy rain."

BBC Weather: Powerful wet and windy showers to batter Europe for the new week (Image: WXCHARTS)

The BBC Weather forecaster noted this wet weather will push north before colder winds strike the continent.

He said:
"As we move through this week it looks like the wet and windy weather will become more confined to Scandinavia. High pressure begins to build in across the west but that will also bring some colder north western winds."

"Temperatures will be dropping here but further east things may be slightly higher than they should be for the time of year. As we head on to Tuesday it stays windy across the north west, this band of cloud and rain could push into central Europe."

"We could see a bit of snow over the Alps, nothing amounting to too much. Further south and east it is a dry story with widespread sunshine for Greece and the islands."

BBC Weather: Temperatures across central Europe will rise for a brief period before falling due to the cold winds blowing in (Image: BBC)

He closed by explaining the shift in temperatures expected in some parts of Europe.

Mr Danaos said:
"Temperatures will fall away for London and Paris. Although high pressure moves in it will be sunnier, it will be colder with overnight frost and some mist and fog in the morning. It will be wet for Madrid though and the area of low pressure will be establishing itself there at the end of the week."

Photo: Weather Online