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UK and Europe weather forecast latest September 4 UK enters the wettest September on record

UK's weather forecast

According to
Express ,
will be blasted with heavy rain as the country enters what could be the wettest September on record.

Flood alerts have been issued by the Met Office due to severe downpours in areas of England. Met Office weather warnings were issued as heavy rain covered the north west of England and south west of Scotland overnight on Tuesday.

The torrential rain covered Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England travelling eastwards. Clare Nasir, Met Office Meteorologist, said:
“Sunshine and showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland".

Flood alerts have been issued by the Met Office due to severe downpours (Image: WXCHARTS)

“Most of the showers will be across the North and the West but they’ll rattle across the country and quite a strong wind. We have seen gales across the far North as well as the West and a blustery day for Northern Ireland.”

The flood alert in force is for the rivers Duddon, Crake and Mill Beck in the north west of England. The river levels are
to rise due to heavy rainfall. The Met Office has said its main area of concern is the Ulverston area.

Flooding will be possible in the areas affected and people have been warned to avoid using low lying footpaths near local water channels.

Britain will be blasted with heavy rain (Image: WXCHARTS)

Temperatures will be mild in the UK leaving warm and tropical air. Ms Nasir said:
“It’s relatively mild the air, warm tropical air mixing with that quite a lot of humidity. So we could see 22 perhaps in the southeast 21 further north helped with a little sunshine.”

Met Office forecaster Becky Mitchell said the week will be a “mixed bag of dry spells and showers”.

She said:
"On Thursday, it looks cloudy across the south with outbreaks of drizzle while further north it is a mixture of sunshine and rain. That cloud in the south will clear for Friday morning and again there will be sunshine and showers in the north."

She added how over the weekend there will be a front of rain that will sweep across the UK. But Ms Mitchell also said there will be some fine, dry conditions too.

Temperatures will be mild in the UK leaving warm and tropical air (Image: getty)

She said:
"This week will feel a bit more autumnal with chillier nights in the forecast and it will also be quite blustery in the north."

As the week comes to an end, rain downpours will continue with some outbreaks of nicer weather in parts of the country.

Temperature will be in the high teens or the low twenties on Friday. Ms Nasir said:
“Come Friday you can see its pretty much showers across the North and the West. Yet again some fine weather across the central swathe of the country."

“We could see some sunshine across East Anglia, the east Midlands, the south east before a little wave of clouds and patchy rain just moves in across the west country as well as southern parts of Wales.”

Rain downpours will continue with some outbreaks of nicer weather in parts of the country (Image: WXCHARTS)

Europe's weather forecast

has forecast dry and sunny weather to come over the next few days across the European continent.

BBC Weather meteorologist Stav Danaos stated there will be settled conditions and sunshine across
Europe , with showers petering out in central regions and Scandinavia. He added that northeast corner of Europe will remain cloudy with strong winds in the coming days.

Mr Danaos said: "We have got quite a bit of dry and sunny weather to come over the next few days across the European continent. This is thanks to areas of high pressure."

The week will be a “mixed bag of dry spells and showers” (Image: WXCHARTS)

"We have had some areas of heavy rain through eastern Europe, this is fizzling out now as it continues to move into the Baltic states and Scandinavia."

"There are still some heavy downpours in there but nowhere near as vicious as it was over central Europe."

He added: "There is widespread sunshine over Iberia up to France and across to Italy.

"It is still nice and sunny across the southeast, though it is not quite as hot across the Balkans. For the northeast corner it does remain rather cloudy, with stronger winds and outbreaks of rain."

"For Friday that rain continues to push north-eastwards, it is looking dry for southern Sweden and Poland and for the Baltic states."

Stav Danaos is a BBC Weather Europe meteorologist (Image: BBC)

The weather in Britain at the start of next week will be dry before becoming increasingly wet and windy towards the weekend.

Although temperatures will remain mixed, forecasters are predicting warmer conditions in the south.

Commenting on the forecast between September 7-13 the BBC said: "After a potentially dry and settled start to the week, low pressure will become the dominating feature of our weather from midweek onwards.

"The second half of the week will often be wet and windy, and with temperatures likely to close to or below where they should be for this time of year."

Temperature are forecast to be in the 20s (Image: BBC)

"In fact, there is the potential for a deep area of low pressure to move right across the UK, bringing strong winds and heavy rain."

"If this were to pan out, further damage and disruption could be expected, following on from recent storms, Storm Ellen and Storm Francis."

"That being said, there is a slight chance that low pressure remains away to the west of the British Isles and over the Atlantic. In this scenario, it would be a much drier and calmer week, and also much warmer, with a plume of warm air pushing up from the south."

Photo: Stirimeteo

On September 4

According to
Weather Online , plenty of sunshine in Spain and Portugal. Italy will be fair too, again with more sunshine. Turkey and Greece will be dry with further spells of sunshine.

France will have some cloud in northern France and periods of rain here. This rain extends through the Low Countries and northern Germany as well as northern Poland. Southern Poland should be fair with more sunshine. Staying fair across Hungary and Austria and well as Switzerland with sunshine here.

Sunshine and showers in Denmark. Further heavy showers across Norway with the risk of some thunder in the west. Sunshine and showers again in Sweden and these affecting the baltic States too. Further heavy showers to come in Finland, these prolonged at times and possibly thundery.

Photo: Weather Online

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