17.03.2023, 21:50

What are the consequences of elephant riding tourism?

What are the consequences of elephant riding tourism?

Pai Lin is a female elephant that has been in the tourism sector for 25 years. It had to carry 6 tourists/time for a long time. The elephant Pai Lin has suffered quite severe effects as a result of this since the spine is horribly deformed.

Furthermore, the WFFT organization claims that this elephant’s back still bears past injuries. They said that because the wounds were not treated promptly, the tissues and bones on the back degraded over time. As a result, its spine cannot return to its former shape.

Pai Lin is staying at the sanctuary with 24 other elephants rescued by WFFT. It has gained weight and appears healthier now. Yet, unfortunately, it will have to live with a malformed spine for the remainder of its life.

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Elephant riding is a well-known tourist attraction in Southeast Asia. The WFFT, however, considers this to be animal cruelty. Elephants’ skeletal structure is not ideal for lifting heavy loads.

Furthermore, many elephants in other nations are tortured, becoming “money makers” in other businesses like forestry. Many elephants are practically worn to death while working.