01.02.2023, 13:42

What Vietnam should do to further attract foreign tourists?

The Tourism Advisory Board of Vietnam said that, a key for the country to attract more foreign tourists at this time is to change its visa policy.

The expanding the list of eligible visa waivers with a maximum stay of up to 30-45 days will be a big drive for foreigners who are planning a trip to Vietnam, according to Tourism Advisory Board.

The Tourism Advisory Board also proposed that e-visa should be expanded to all countries and domain name changed so that foreigners can recognize and find more easily when surfing the internet.

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Last year, Vietnam only received 3.6 million foreign tourists, just 70% of its target. It targets 8 million this year, the local media Vietnam News reported.

Foreign tourist in Vietnam. Photo: @clumsy_charly & @backofthebiketours

So far, citizens of 80 countries and territories can apply for an e-visa to enter Vietnam without going through a guarantor agency or organization.

It said, many foreign tourists expect the country will bring back the multiple three-month visa that was available before the pandemic.