03.01.2023, 17:58

What’s inside the bespoke artisanal hats at a luxury resort in Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island?

Nestled on the white sands of Phu Quoc Island’s western coast, Regent is a luxury resort offering multi-sensorial experience, honored in many prestigious international travel magazines. A pioneer in hotel design, Regent has launched its first hotels with bold, powerful beauty that sparks the imagination and sets new standards in luxury hospitality.

At Regent, the space, the cuisine, and the amenities are thoughtfully designed for extraordinary tailored experiences, with bespoke services arranged by staff trained to anticipate every need. Regent personalizes every experience and puts exquisite care in every little detail so that every moment here is one to savor and guests can spend their time doing what matters most.

To elevate personalized experiences, Regent has arranged bespoke handcrafted raffia hats produced by the Artisanal Fashion Company, which are placed in each hotel room. It is known that these washable raffia hats are from the same company with the Leinne brand, where raffia hats cost from a few million to several tens of millions of dong. Some limited editions can be worth up to several hundred million dong.

Regent guests in Leinne hats during their stay – Diem My, Nicky Khanh Ngoc

The reason Leinne’s designs have such a huge price is because most of the crafting is completed by hand. The brand has a wide variety of raffias in different quality grades by product line, along with expert craftsmanship and exclusive raffia processing techniques, which keep the product delicate and durable. The hat designs from Leinne are loved by sustainable fashion and eco-living enthusiasts such as Helly Tong, Tang Thanh Ha, Diem My 9x,… That’s enough to see how generous and thoughtful of Regent to provide its customers with first-class experience.

 Helly Tong, Tang Thanh Ha

The making of the bespoke hats

Regent embraces heritage and contemporary beauty to redefine the future of luxury. The resort’s architecture echoes and reflects the traditional Vietnamese vernacular and its design maximizes access to the environment with floor-to-ceiling glass windows framing enchanting ocean views and inside spaces featuring decadent touches that hint at tropical surroundings.

With that in mind, Regent chose Leinne’s artisanal hats as a touchpoint of fashion. Every detail on the hat is meticulously crafted to fully convey the spirit of Regent, reflecting the harmony between classic and modern.

Inspiration from the pearl island: the hat band comes in Celadon blue, the color of Phu Quoc sea water, enhanced by bold, jewel tones.

Thoughtful design: short brim suitable for travel, with a graceful round crown design for women and an elegant fedora crown for men. The hat is designed with a drawstring inside to adjust the size.

Hand-polished gold-plated logo: smooth and shiny, helping enhance the beauty and value of the design.

Premium materials: the body of the hat is made of natural raffia with excellent properties: UV-resistant, moisture-proof, durable, lightweight. The hat band is made from silk from Nha Xa, a traditional craft village in Vietnam.

What sets Leinne’s hats apart is that they are hand-made by highly skilled craftsmen in the almost 30-year-old atelier, with a proprietary technique to ensure the softness and plasticity of the material by maintaining the retention of gas bonds and porosity in each fiber. As a result, these raffia hat designs can be spot-cleaned, ironed, and shaped, preserving the beauty of their craftsmanship.

Sustainable values: Leinne hats are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable and highly durable materials. Each design is meticulously crafted in Leinne’s 25-year-old atelier, demonstrating the highest quality of production for long-term use.

Exquisite resort experience with artisanal hats

Leinne’s artisanal hats have received favor from customers during their vacation at Regent. It is not difficult to find images of the hats worn in Phu Quoc serenity shared by many tourists. The hat, with elegant design and natural materials, harmonizes with Regent’s minimalist interior, open space and cozy light.

The experiences with the hats from the Artisanal Fashion Company factory contribute to helping customers resonate to the spirit of Regent – sophistication, sustainability, cultural harmony and modern Vietnamese beauty. The blend of sustainable high-end designs that connect the senses, along with a classy space, provides a truly sumptuous experience.