20.07.2020, 19:45

Peaceful beauty of Momray fishing village

This fishing village is situated on the surface of a hydroelectric lake on Se San River. But if you ask someone to show you how to get to the fishing village on the lake, they might take you to another fishing village. Because Momray fishing village belongs to Kon Tum province, not to Gia Lai province like the fishing village on Se San Hydropower that everyone knows.  

These days there are only a few people who live in the village, as most villagers have resettled on the mainland in response to local government policies.

Villagers dry anchovies. This is a special dish in the Se San river area. People often go fishing from 2 am to 5 am, then wash and dry anchovies under the sun. The fishing village at sunset… …and at dawn Dawn and twilight are always the most beautiful moments of the day A house of fishermen on the lake A road leading to the fishing village A tranquil view of the lake in the sunshine Livelihood daily activities of the villagers A corner of Se San Hydropower lake

Translated by Lam Anh