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Pristine beauty of Eo Gio

Pristine beauty of Eo Gio
Apart from other well-known places in Quy Nhon city, Eo Gio, an arc-shaped strait has attracted numerous visitors thanks to its pristine beauty. This small strait is covered by high rocky ridges and embraces the sea.
Rocks, water, and pristine scenery characterize Eo Gio. At its foot is the De rocky field. Eroded by sea water for years, the rocks here have different sizes and shapes.
A nice shot of a girl with beautiful rocks
With safe and beautiful handrails along the old dirt road, tourists find it easy to explore Eo Gio
A tourist is taking in a panoramic view of the sea and Nhon Ly fishing village with binoculars
April to September is the ideal time to explore Eo Gio because there is a less chance of wind and rain. Tourists can take beautiful shots of the amazing blue sky and blue sea during this time.
Apart from fishing, diving to see coral, and sunbathing, tourists can explore Ky Co Island and taste fresh local seafood.
Eo Gio beach lies in Ly Son village, Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city. From Thi Nai Bridge, tourists should go to Nhon Hoi T-junction before turning right and going straight 5km to reach the center of Nhon Ly commune. If departing early, tourists can watch the sunrise on Thi Nai Bridge.

Source: vnexpress

Translated by Mai Huong