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4 delicious cakes not to be missed when coming to the Southern River region

An Giang is the headwater point of the Tien River when it flows into Vietnam. This southern river region has an extremely rich cuisine, you must definitely try dishes such as dumplings, shallots, banh khot…

Each region of our country has its own dishes and culinary specialties. In which, this Southern river region has an extremely rich and typical cuisine. Here are 4 suggested dishes for you when visiting An Giang.

Khot cake

Banh Khot here is a type of Khmer cake, made from rice flour diluted with coconut milk and chopped scallions, without adding turmeric powder to have a yellow color like the traditional Banh Khot found in the South. served with raw vegetables. The rice flour part of the cake is poured into an earthenware mold that has been lightly oiled and then fried until golden brown.

This is a cake without filling, when you eat it, you will have more tears diluted with coconut milk to dip the cake. One of the shops at the market also adds cooked green beans mixed with grated coconut to add flavor to the cake.

The cake is fried to a crispy golden color and served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour fish sauce. (Photo: mykidsarehungry_).

Dumplings only

The shape of the dumplings is only small, different from the usual hot steamed flour dumplings. The ingredients of the cake are made from glutinous rice flour filled with green beans, peanuts, coconut, or black sesame. The crust is very thin, soft and smooth, ivory white, outside soaked in grated coconut, when eating you will feel the aroma of sticky rice and the flesh of the soft pastry.

The dumplings are only small and beautiful with a chewy, softshell, fragrant with glutinous flour. (Photo: ban__be).

Shallot cake

Shallot cake is considered a cake of the Chinese people, sold in many areas where Chinese people live. If you have the opportunity to visit Tan Chau market, you can order a portion of shallot cake to make a very tasty side dish. The ingredients of shallot cake are made from diluted rice flour, mixed with finely chopped shallots, added a little spice, and then poured into a steamed mold.

4 delicious cakes not to be missed when coming to the Southern River region

Sellers often cut the cake into small pieces of diamond shape to eat and then fry until golden brown on both sides, maybe even add chicken eggs to fry until just cooked. The crispy shallot cake is soft inside, crispy on the outside, mixed with the fat of our eggs, dipped in soy sauce mixed with vinegar.

Sticky rice flavor

Sticky rice is considered as one of the rustic delicacies often found in rural markets in the West and Tan Chau market, An Giang. Sticky rice with ingredients made from young glutinous rice, coconut milk, pandan leaves, sugar with sesame, golden roasted peanuts.

Sticky rice has many eye-catching colors and a characteristic aroma. (Photo: emgourmet).

Different from other types of sticky rice, sticky rice contains a unique spice called anise, when eating sticky rice, you can still smell the faint aroma. The sticky rice dish is very flexible and fatty with coconut milk, adding the green color of pandan leaves. You can eat and sip with hot tea at the same time, very delicious. Follow Dan trí

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