15.06.2020, 17:53

Summer flowers

NDO – In May and June, red flamboyant flowers bloom, creating a colourful picture on the streets of the northern port city of Hai Phong as well as Hanoi.

Pham Van Dong Street connects the centre of Hai Phong city with the Do Son tourist area. There are over 4,000 red flamboyant trees here.

Summer flowers

Thin and bright red petals blooming under the blue sky create a characteristic sight of the summer period.

The red flamboyant is also known as the symbolic flower of students.

Many red flamboyant trees are also planted in the Tam Bac lake area.

This place has become a very popular destination for many local people and tourists every summer.

In Hanoi, at the end of May, the streets are even more dazzled by the red colour of the flamboyant flowers.

Red flamboyant branches laden with flowers cast their shadow on the surface of Truc Bach Lake.