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Lam Ha tourism returns to a beautiful and unspoiled land that makes the association crazy

Beautiful and wild are the things you will feel as soon as you travel to Lam Ha – Lam Dong, this place is expected to become a “paradise” destination of travel followers in the near future. 

Referring to tourism in Lam Dong, the name Da Lat must have become too famous, but this highland still has other beautiful lands that visitors may have missed in the moving step. Among them is Lam Ha, a land of impressive wild beauty. If Da Lat has been so developed that people sometimes regret a little bit of the wildness of the mountain town,  traveling to Lam Ha, you will fully enjoy the feeling of infatuation by the magical green patches and the beautiful things in the world. exciting awaits. 

Lam Ha tourism returns to a beautiful and unspoiled land that makes the association crazy
Lam Ha, the beautiful untouched destination of Lam Dong, is becoming more and more popular. Photo: @cindy_cu1702

Overview of Lam Ha district – the ‘new star of tourism’ in Lam Dong 

Lam Ha is located in the Northwest of Lam Dong Province, the northern borders with Dam Rong District, the South borders with Di Linh District, the East and Southeast borders with Da Lat City, Duc Trong District, and the West borders Dak Nong Province. with a natural area of ​​60,000 ha, accounting for 10% of the area of ​​Lam Dong province. 

Lam Ha district is located in the northwest of Lam Dong province. Photo: thttlequydonlamha.edu

Lam Ha possesses many advantages for economic development and tourism with fertile alluvial and basalt soils suitable for growing industrial crops and short-term crops. The system of rivers and streams is divided, creating many beautiful landscapes for Lam Ha, notably Elephant Waterfall, Phuc Tho Lake, Da Sar Lake, etc.

In recent years, tourism services in Lam Ha have begun to develop, in addition to the inherent tourism potential and natural landscapes, the appearance of farms serving agricultural tourism, as well as tourist areas. has gradually helped tourism here thrive and attract tourists. 

Lam Ha owns many beautiful landscapes and landscapes. Photo: @sarahnt2909

Climate in Lam Ha, which month is the most beautiful to travel to Lam Ha? 

Due to its special position when it is located at the transition of the plateau and the plain with an altitude of 800 to 1000m above sea level and the rolling mountainous terrain, the climate in Lam Ha has the characteristics of a subtropical climate. temperate, subtropical very cool. The average temperature here ranges from 11 to 25 degrees Celsius.

The weather in Lam Ha has 2 distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. Photo:@synergymediaspecialists

Like Da Lat or some neighboring areas, Lam Ha has two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Accordingly, the dry season is from November to May next year, the rainy season is from April to October every year. 

The best time to come to Lam Ha is from November to May next year. Photo: @grasshouse_nhaco

The climate in Lam Ha is cool all year round, but the rainy season here is quite constant, so the best time to travel Lam Ha – Lam Dong  is the dry season from November to May next year because the weather is cool. cool, convenient for moving, sightseeing and exploring. 

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What means of transport to Lam Ha? How to move in Lam Ha? 

To come and travel to Lam Ha , you can easily travel by various means of transport. From other provinces, if you want to check-in Lam Ha, you can choose to take a plane or a bus to Da Lat and combine to Lam Ha. If traveling from Hanoi and the northern provinces, the plane is the most convenient means, the airfare from Hanoi Noi Bai airport to Da Lat Lien Khuong airport will be different depending on the time, but the average ticket is 800 thousand to 1.2 million / way. If you travel by bus, it will be 500 thousand to 600 thousand / way.

Airplanes are the most popular means to get to Da Lat and then visit Lam Ha., Photo:@sibonnn

Saigon is only about 330km from Lam Ha, so you can travel by sleeper bus and stop at Lam Ha station. The fare is only about 200,000 VND/way, there are quite a few trips and travel times for you to choose from. In addition to traveling by sleeper directly to Lam Ha, you can also go by plane from Saigon to Da Lat and then rent a motorbike or car to move to Lam Ha or travel by motorbike yourself. 

From Saigon you can take a sleeper bus. Photo: @xethanhbuoi

In Lam Ha to explore destinations, the most appropriate means of transportation is still a motorbike, you can rent a car easily for only a few tens of thousands of dollars a day, then you can comfortably visit and visit. check-in at the hottest destinations here. In addition, if you are traveling in groups, families, agencies or groups of friends, you can rent a car or taxi to move more conveniently because the traffic here is quite convenient. 

Motorcycle is also a means of transport you can use to get to Lam Ha and visit places. Photo: @b_r_i_t_i_s_h_c_o_d_e

Where to stay in Lam Ha 

Because the distance between Da Lat and Lam Ha is quite close, usually visitors will stay in Da Lat and go to Lam Ha during the day. However, if you want to explore more, you can choose to spend the night in Lam Ha with many options. In Lam Ha, there are both quality hotel and homestay services, you can actively choose a hotel or homestay according to your needs.

Lam Ha has many hotels and homestays to serve tourists. Photo: Long Dinh Farmstay

– Stay at hotels/ motels: Most of the hotels/motels in Lam Ha are located in the area of ​​Nam Ban town and Dinh Van town, the accommodation spots are of moderate size but fully equipped. Some suggestions for you such as Anh Khoi guesthouse, Tra My hotel, Song Anh hotel, Minh Hue hotel, Thanh Dat guesthouse… 

– Staying at Homestay: Staying at a homestay is a favorite choice for many tourists because they can enjoy the fresh natural landscape and explore the local culture. In Lam Ha, homestay service has also been developed with some prominent names such as Long Dinh Homestay, Ho Gia Trang, Co Fuong Homestay, Co Tam Coffee Farmstay, Cai’s Farm Homestay, Elephant Waterfalls Homestay…  

– In Villa: In Lam Ha, the number of villas is not much because tourism services are not too developed, if you want to stay at Villa, you can refer to HGT Villas located in Ho Da Sar area, Lien Ho village, Lien commune. Ha, Lam Ha district. 

Ho Gia Trang, a romantic place to stay in Lam Ha. Photo: Ho Gia Trang

Hottest attractions in Lam Ha

Lam Ha tourism is not too developed, so this place still retains the inherent wild beauty with many beautiful check-in points. You can immerse yourself in the majesty of nature here and feel the cool, clear mountain breath. 

Destinations in Lam Ha still retain the wild look. Photo: @_hoang.haa

Rowoa Falls (Elephant Falls)

Nestled behind a forest, Rowoa Waterfall is a very popular tourist attraction in Lam Ha. This place is like a lovely mountain girl with a mysterious beauty. Rowoa Waterfall is located on Cam Ly stream in the territory of Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district.

Elephant Waterfall is a very famous destination of Lam Ha. Photo: @simpleglobetraveler

The waterfall has a height of more than 15m and a width of more than 30m, flowing day and night creating a very poetic scene. To see the whole view of Rowoa waterfall, you need to move through 145 cliffs to the foot of the waterfall. Here, large and small rocks are stacked like herds of elephants lying quietly listening to the singing of the old mountain maiden. 

The waterfall is associated with the love story of a K’ho couple. Photo: _jjoed

Linh An Temple

Located right near Elephant Waterfall is Linh An Pagoda, one of the most famous temples in Lam Dong. The temple has a very beautiful landscape with typical ancient architecture. Traveling to Lam Ha , visitors will certainly find it difficult to ignore this temple because it is not only a sanctuary to worship Buddha but also an attractive tourist destination, majestic scenery and the main fresh atmosphere. is a tourist attraction. In particular, this temple has the largest statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in Lam Dong, creating its own beauty. 

Linh An Pagoda with beautiful space. Photo: CARD

The pagoda has the largest statue of Quan The Am in Lam Dong. Photo: @victoriasvu

Long Dinh Organic Farm

Referring to the tea hill in Lam Dong, many people will think of Cau Dat tea hill, but few people know that when traveling to Lam Ha, you can also check-in a beautiful tea hill and live virtual life with many extremely hot check-in points. . Long Dinh Organic Farm is located in Phuc Tan village, Phuc Tho commune of Lam Ha district. With a prime location located right next to Phuc Tho lake, this place has very cool, airy, fresh air.

Long Dinh, a destination that is popular with young people. Photo: @quang.huong2709

Coming to Long Dinh Organic Farm, you will admire the immense scenery of Oolong tea hill and freely check-in with beautiful camera angles such as the white love bridge leading to Phuc Tho lake, you will also have the opportunity to check-in. Enjoy the famous oolong tea and delicious dishes here.

You can drop the virtual live station here. Photo: @ngannn___

Tan Thanh Pass – a hunting spot for clouds

Tan Thanh Pass is one of the favorite places of many young people when traveling to Lam Ha . This pass has a very majestic scenery with a view of green, shuttered coffee hills. In particular, this place has a very romantic scene in the morning and evening, you can hunt clouds here and collect the clouds. Amazing virtual live photos.

Sea of ​​clouds at Tan Thanh Pass. Photo: CARD

Thuan An cricket farm 

Traveling to Lam Ha and visiting Thuan An cricket farm, visitors will be introduced to a very special cricket farming model, here you will know the process of breeding, raising and creating products from crickets. attractive food. 

Thuan An cricket farm is a tourist attraction. Photo: Lam Dong Newspaper

Painting shack 

Lan Tranh area of ​​Lam Ha district includes places such as Tan Ha, Lien Ha, Dan Phuong, Hoai Duc, Phuc Tho. This place has beautiful scenery with overlapping coffee hills, lakes forming a poetic mountainous area. In particular, checking-in this area you can visit Lan Tranh village, which has a picturesque scene with idyllic houses and simple life. If you visit Lan Tranh in the cherry season, you will be immersed in the poetic scenery of beautiful flowers. 

Lan Tranh in the blooming season is as beautiful as poetry. Photo: Lam Dong Newspaper

In addition to the above locations in Lam Ha, you can visit Cuong Hoan silk weaving nursery, watch silkworms eat mulberry leaves, release silk and watch people create quality silk products or go to the cooking facility. Kiet Tuong wine to visit and hear about the manual winemaking process with completely natural ingredients, or go to the weasel cafe village to see first-hand how the weasel eats ripe coffee and the process of creating weasel coffee cups. delicious. 

What to eat in Lam Ha tourism? What to buy as a gift?

According to Lam Ha travel experience , you will be surprised because the products of this place are so rich and unique. Come here, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious chicken on a tray, greasy fried crickets at Thuan An cricket farm, tea with eggs at Long Dinh Organic Farm or enjoy delicious cups of Oolong tea. , premium weasel coffee cups. 

Delicious fried chicken in Lam Ha. Photo: @nutnutchel

Fat fried crickets pupae. Photo: Lam Dong Newspaper

Eggs soaked in tea, a unique dish in Lam Ha. Photo: CARD

In addition to attractive dishes, on your trip to Lam Ha, you can find and buy famous specialties of this country as gifts such as Long Dinh oolong tea, weasel coffee, Kiet Tuong wine, dried persimmons, and La banana specialties. The fresh and dried bacon is famous throughout the country or the yellow waxy avocados like chicken fat are extremely greasy. 

Lam Ha’s delicious oolong tea. Photo: Long Dinh Organic Farm
Dried persimmons hang sweet wind.
Laba banana specialty Lam Ha. Photo: FB Banana Laba
Kiet Tuong craft wine. Photo: Lan Dong Newspaper

Traveling to Lam Ha to discover many interesting things is definitely something that anyone who loves nature will want to discover once. Come to Lam Ha to be immersed in the sweet love song of the mountain maiden at Elephant Waterfall, relax and shake off all your worries at Linh An Pagoda or feel the full and fresh vitality at Long Dinh Farm. Please 

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