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The 10 best budget hotels near Ho Tram beach, Ho Coc

Travel, resort is a relaxing time that helps to pull the spirit effectively. However, the cost of a "clam du" trip is an issue that should be of interest. The 10 best budget hotels near Ho Tram beach, Ho Coc will bring you a lot of perfect options.

Ven Ven Hotel

The 10 best budget hotels near Ho Tram beach, Ho Coc

Ven Ven Hotel

With a unique and modern design, Ven Ven hotel is the choice of many tourists who come here to resort.
The room is fully equipped with amenities for the comfortable person to enjoy the interesting trip to the back of the tired. The price is moderate, reasonable, the resident satisfaction service is the outstanding advantage when the guests choose a stopover.

Tìm hiểu them

T&T Hotel

With service 24/24, guests can come at anytime to relax.

As a painting painted on a beautiful natural sky, the venue is an ideal destination for short-term stays. With service 24/24, guests can come at anytime to relax.
The room quality is satisfied by the customer satisfaction by the neat, cool, enthusiastic staff, reasonable rates, room just games, save. Relaxation travel is not so expensive is the choice of tourists today. Choosing T&T is the perfect option for your trip

Phương Tu Guesthouse

Just a 3-minute walk from Ho Tram beach, Phuong Tu Guesthouse is the choice of many tourists to visit, travel to the sea. The Guesthouse has 17 rooms, clean, airy and own beautiful view.
Budget room, enthusiastic and polite service is the plus point for this destination. The elite are every day "upgrading" the quality of all sides better for tourists to add more premium respite services.

Saigon Ho Coc Beach

To Ho Tram, ho coc rest at Sagon Ho Coc Beach will be an unforgettable experience with the long coastline

To Ho Tram, ho coc rest at Sagon Ho Coc Beach will be an unforgettable experience with a long, clean, beautiful, foot-to-human coastline even for the first time. The space is spacious, especially delicious food, varied dishes are impressive when mentioning this destination.
The room is fully equipped for modern living and the service of enthusiastic tourists, more sympathetic become the destination of many choices for those who come to this sea tourism.

Bình An Backpacker Guesthouse

Located in the area of Ho CoC, the resort is close, as a house dedicated to visitors. Airy space with garden, lounge and a comfortable private bathroom.
The room price is reasonable and suitable for the quality so Binh An is a lot of people stop by to come here relax. Please contact the booking before arrival to choose the most meaningful view.

Bien Rung Homestay

The design is simple but brings a unique, impressive style

Simple design but bring a unique style, impressive, sea forest is one of the stops in the top cheap hotels in ho tram beach, ho coc.
Airy space, close to nature, equipped with air conditioner, full WiFi, guests can enjoy both rest and work when necessary.

Ho Coc Backpacker Homestay

Ho Coc Backpacker Homestay

Located 5km from the sea, this is the ideal stop for those who travel Ho tram, ho coc. Rooms are designed with comfortable, spacious and clean grounds to bring a sense of relaxation for people.
If anyone has ever visited Ho Coc Homestay, it will be very pleased with the space and services here. Do not miss this address when visiting Ho Tram, ho coc.

Hoang Thanh Thuy 3 Hotel

Located in Ho CoC, 3 star Hotel Hoang Thanh Thuy owns swimming pool, comfortable barbecue, brings true relaxation and lots of enjoyable experience.
If travelling with family, this is a reasonable accommodation not only for the price but also the entertainment and dining services.

The Grand Ho Tram Strip

Choosing a place to stop at Ho Tram Strip is a reasonable choice for tourists to easily move to the locations around the city. Each room is designed in a distinctive style.
Come here, tourists just relax while relaxing while recording memorable moments thanks to the ultra-virtual view frames.

Carmelina Beach Resort

The travel experience at Carmelina Beach Resort, where you will be immersed with nature, is surrounded by lush greenery. Quality of service in the top "standard", the price is commensurate with facilities so the presence of this destination in the list of cheap hotels in ho tram beach, ho coc is evident.
Do not forget to leave this address on the Mini-handbook when you search for a property.

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