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Top 9 Most beautiful winter tourist attractions in the world

Every season of the year has its own beauty in that winter is the most dramatic season. By winter the season can create a snow-white setting that covers the trees, the roofs that resemble those of fairy tales. For countries with tropical climates such as Vietnam, it is difficult to feel 4 distinct seasons (excluding some northern mountainous areas), however, for the northern hemisphere countries to see the difference of the four distinct seasons and of course the winter there is always how many hearts are "melted" in the weather. Would. There are many winter landscapes around the world, so what are the most beautiful winter tourist sites in the world that invite you to see this article.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Top 9 Most beautiful winter tourist attractions in the world

Prepare warm coats, gloves, shooting caps, socks and snowshoes to feel the full view of the spectacular volcano, the erupting waters and the vast glaciers of Iceland, you'll want to soak in the island's natural geothermal bath. Besides, waiting to admire the most spectacular light show on earth – the phenomenon is also the best point that anyone who wishes to be paid through in life.

Milan - Italy

Milan, the central city of northern Italy, is considered to be home to major European cultural and artistic works such as the Pinacoteca di Brera Art Museum, La Scala Opera House, the Cathedral of Milan... So when the snow begins to fall, the city becomes the ideal winter wonderland for those who love the ancient beauty of Europe. Milan has many important events and cultural festivals in winter, especially the famous Chestnut ballet, performed on Christmas every year at the Fidelio Theater.

London - Anh

There's something great about England as you stroll through Hyde Park, the grassy weeds and breath are also fuming right in front of you. In winter, the illusion is soft amber from cozy cafes, small pubs, and intimate restaurants spilling across the street and people rushing, wrapped in thick woolen scarves, into those charming spaces hiding until the season is moved.


If you love Snow, the Shirakawa village is an ideal place to come in winter as it is one of the world's most dense, annual snowfall density. Shirakawa Village is in Gifu Prefecture, Japan that is recognized as a World Heritage SITE by UNESCO. The small houses retain the ancient architectural style of Japanese Minka, with wood materials and the single dry straw roofs.

Quebec - Canada

Canadians cold prices last in the winter, and not Toronto which main Quebec city will give visitors the opportunity to rest, explore the winter traveler's paradise in the hotels made from one-of-a-two snow ice.


With countless Christmas markets filled with stalls selling heated Glühwein cups, sweet dishes such as gingerbread counters, and the fragrance of the hot German sausage spread all over the place, the form of retail in winter has never been so effective. However even after 12 months, the new German capital actually entered the winter. When Heaven is open and the snow begins to fall, the Tiergarten Park becomes the wonderland of the magical Wonderland and Berlin actually organizes the football competitions in the parks – perfect for music and DJS.

Yosemite National Park-USA

This place is for those who want to witness the splendid beauty of nature in the time to winter. Within a short period of time, both the vast forested mountains are suddenly white by snow and moved to the slow, tranquil atmosphere of winter. Yosemite Garden is a place to preserve the gigantic ancient parts of the United States and also is a ski resort, extremely ideal.


During the summer, the sun shines 24/7 throughout the land. But in winter, Lapland is completely submerged in the darkness. The moment itself is the most beautiful time of Lapland, because the night is long and the low temperature will facilitate the splendid bands that can appear and dance in the starry sky. This phenomenon has long been a feature that attracts tourists to explore, enjoying the north polar lands.


It will be a shortcoming as it comes to the world famous winter tour that does not mention the paradise of snow Matxcova. The Russian capital is famous for its white, thick snow and lasts many days from November 11 to March 3 annually, and the snow landscape that covers the distinctive arches of the great Cathedral of the capital will never forget for the tourists who have had the opportunity to come here.

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