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Top 10 stunning hidden paradise in the world

You've heard of the Grand Canyon, the Galapagos Islands and the angel waterfalls of Venezuela, you might even have heard of natural wonders like the Rock forest in Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. But no matter how much we explore Earth, we still cannot find the whole beauty that is hiding its own.


Top 10 stunning hidden paradise in the world

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Kirkjufell in Iceland

The Kirkjufell Mountain is famous for its amazing stunning photographs brought about by tourists. Located on the peninsula Snaefellsnes in Iceland, there is no impressive significance on this mountain. It is not the largest mountain in Iceland, or the most deadly, and it cannot even claim to be one of the many volcanoes that have brought Iceland its reputation for providing a third of basalt lava in the history of the world.

But if there's something that makes Kirkjufell stand out, it's the way that all the landscape elements are together. This is a mountain-feeding picture. From the central landscape to the three waterfalls flowing in the foothills of the mountain, all create a perfect portrait of Iceland idyllic.

Cano Cristales

World's most beautiful river-Caño Cristales

Known to the locals as the "river of the Five Colors", Cano Cristales is a truly hidden paradise. Located in the mountains of Colombia, there are only two ways to reach the river and both travel by plane. The color of the river comes from the combination of algae, the natural color of the river stone and the blue color of water. In particular, the red color comes from a type of aquatic plant called Macarenia Clavigera.

Taylor Glacier Blood Falls

Photo Source: Mike Martoccia

The mysterious blood cascade is decryption by American scientists; Red is iron, not algae-TomoNews

A prominent example of the uniqueness of Antarctica can be found at Taylor Glacier, which flows out a continuous line of hypersaline in the snow. Glacier was discovered in 1911 by an explorer named Thomas Griffith Taylor, who had speculated that red is due to an unknown bacterial form. It was not until later, we found the real reason for the blood flow – an underground ancient saltwater lake of about 400 metres (1,300 ft) below the ice surface.

Beppu Onsen

Photo Source: Wall.hr

Explore Beppu Hot Springs

Beppu, Japan is one of the world's hottest hot spring hotspots; There are more than 2,500 streams in the region, the second largest in the world. Streams are often referred to as "Eight Hells", as there are eight main areas, each offering a unique stream. Blood Pond Hell, the image above, is saturated with iron, giving both water and steam a dark red color.

Spotted Lake

Photo Source: Mother Nature Network

Spotted Lake in British Columbia

The Okanagan Valley lies on the southernmost border of British Columbia. For thousands of years, Aboriginal tribes lived and fought in the valley, and their legends still existed to this day. One of their most prominent legends tells of a battle that occurs on the hills surrounding the spotted Lake, then known as Khiluk by the first countries of the region. During the battle, both sides called for a suspension and allowed their men to bathe together in the mineral-rich waters of the spotted lake.

The Spotted lake has a high concentration of 11 different minerals, including calcium and magnesium sulfate, and a number of titanium and silver. In the summer, when the lake evaporates partially, the minerals precipitate into rounded holes. Each hole has a different color, depending on which mineral is more concentrated in that particular position.

Red Beach Table Cam

Photo Source: Bored Panda

This magnificent crimson-red landscape is located in China, near the city of Pong (Liaoning Province, China). It is located in the midst of a vast wetlands, stretching in the river delta, but it is the only part of this vibrant colourful wetlands. Instead of sand, the beach is covered with a high alkaline soil, which is too basic for most species of plants. That left a little competition for Suaeda salsa, a species of seaweed that took up completely 1.4 million acres to create the red beach.

Lake Travertine in Pamukkale

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lake Travertine in Pamukkale

One of the most unique attractions in the world, there is no doubt, the travertine lake on the cliffs of Pamukkale, Turkey. Travertine is a type of limestone that is found in many hot springs in the world. When spring comes, travertine surfaces freeze into ladder structures that retain water.

Zhangye Zhanghe National Geological Park

Photo Source: Forbes

Zhangye Haihe National Geological Park is located in southwestern China and contains many unusual characteristics. Perhaps the most surprising is that the multi-coloured mountains are called the Danes terrain. The surreal colors from the red sandstone and natural mineral deposits have formed over 24 million years. Each stripe contains a different mineral and through the times they have formed layers in layers, forming a rainbow pattern. Erosion caused by wind and rain were more polished by the surface of the mountain.

Lake Retba

Photo Source: Viator

Lake Retba

Salt Lake Retba as the Dead Sea. To survive in such salty conditions, Dunaliella produces red pigment that allows them to absorb more sunlight and produce beta carotene, which acts as a buffer against salt. The salty lake (especially in the dry season), the darker the red. In particularly dry seasons, the lake will have a color that can only be described as "blood"

Lencois Maranhenses

Photo Source: Ripio Turismo

Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

An oasis in the middle of the desert creates a beautiful picture, but they are few and far between most arid regions of the world. The Lencois Maranhenses National Park, located in northeastern Brazil, this sandy 155,000 Acres Park is actually a desert. It is located just outside the Amazon dense forest and receives the same rainfall that you would expect to see in a tropical rainforest. When rainwater is concentrated among the dunes, it forms thousands of thousands of distinct lagoons that stretch within visible sight.

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