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Top 10 famous tourist attractions in Phu Yen

Phu Yen is a coastal province in the South Central region of Vietnam. Phu Yen is known for its famous sights as the backdrop in the dining movies of home water cinema such as: I see yellow flowers on green grass, that day I love.. And indeed, Phu yen have the breathtaking sights that fascinatize the people who have come to this land, how to know how believers love the romantic beauty has not once been to Phu yen. The beautiful nature can be said to be picturesque. People in the Middle East are lovely and friendly, food is rich and attractive. You love to travel and explore the beautiful landscapes, you want to have beautiful pictures like in the movies? You are mesmerizing central food, carry the backpack up and come to Phu yen. Visit and experience 10 stunning scenes here for sure you will feel incredibly enjoyable and satisfied.

Vung Ro Bay.

Top 10 famous tourist attractions in Phu Yen

Vung Ro Bay is like a giant mirror that mirrors every scene. The landscape is both majestic and lyrical, poetic. Google photo source.

Vung Ro is a small bay in Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen Province, located right on the edge of the Gap mountain range. The bay is also the natural boundary on the sea between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa.
On the way back to Vung Ro Bay, you will admire the lush greenery, the countryside lawns of the thousands, the low-seas visit the Abyss far away and the simple small houses between the vast land. If you arrive at Vung Ro Bay from the whole pass, you will be challenged by the spectacular sleeve bends and experience the steep erect slopes.
From the whole pass, Vung Ro Bay is a beautiful destination, making it a must to stop on the pass and gaze at the eye level overlooking Vung Ro Bay. Vung Ro Bay is like a giant mirror that mirrors every scene. The scenery here is both mighty and lyrical, so I know! This bay area is a picturesque natural landscape of pristine nature, made up of beautiful natural materials, with sky, land, mountain, sea and white clouds and green forests.
Besides, coming to Vung Ro Bay Tourists can also enjoy the relaxing moments along with pristine beaches, tranquility such as the salad Beach, U Blind Beach, Temple Beach, Buffalo Foot Beach, Lau Beach, Long Beach, son beach,... You'll be exploring the smooth, sandy shores stretching by the vast, blue sea, diving between cool waters and a delight in playing in the tranquil space.
At any time, Vung Ro Bay is also beautiful, very beautiful! Whether it's sunrise or sunset, the luncheon or the Black Night ebony, Vung Ro Bay always makes the tourists far from being enchanted, immersed in the beauty of the soul.

Hon Nua

To Hon Nua you should not just immerse yourself in the cool waters, drop yourself thong to stroll on the white sand, or lie long sun on the rocks. Google photo source.

Hon Nua (Phu Yen) is located at the foot of the whole pass, where there is a special geographical location between the boundary of Phu Yen Province and Khanh Hoa. This is one of the unspoiled islands, almost no human impact.
Nature Deals Hon Nua The beauty that rare place has, it is the endless, smooth white sand, the high-connected rocky rapids. The beach in Hon Nua is especially blue, and in sunny weather can be the bottom of the water. In Hon Nua There is a grandeur, peaceful, romantic, calm for tourists as lost in another world, separate from the noisy life, rush of town.
Coming to Hon Nua you should not only immerse yourself in the cool waters, drop yourself thong dong to stroll on the white sand, or lie long sun on the rocks, enjoy the fresh air, cool, but also experience the coral diving activities. Although corals here are not as beautiful as brilliant and rich as Nha Trang, Phu Quoc... But it also carries the unique characteristics of the plant ecosystem here.

Dai Lanh Lighthouse

The Dai Lanh Lighthouse of the French built in 1890 is composed of 5 m blocks with an area of 320 m2 as high, the more beautiful things, under the feet of the Sea of Heaven, in front of the ancient lighthouse. Google photo source.

According to the coastal road of Phu yen, before going to the pass to get into Khanh Hoa, you will pass through the Cape Dai Lanh Lighthouse and historic Vung Ro Bay, which is associated with the legendary non-ship legend. From afar saw the towering lighthouse on the mountain, at the foot of the deep blue sea and the magnificent beach. This place is not home, nor many tourists to bathe so the beach is extremely clean, golden sand smooth, clear water. The area was sheltered by the boat, and the raft was docked, making the scene more poetic.
It was constructed by the French built in 1890 with a block of 5 m and an area of 320 m2, in the background of the rain-water reservoir, ceilings set the solar cell system to provide energy for the lighthouse lighting. There are two lines up the lighthouse that climb and walk along the streams. The more you climb, the more beautiful the scenery, under the feet of the sea, is in front of the ancient lighthouse.
Climbing out of 110 spiral stairs is up to the top, looking down at the sea, the wind blowing magnificence, the struggle of the road to conquer the lighthouse between noon and sunny seems to disappear. In the place of this dreamy water breeze, the people can hardly be peaceful according to the scene with time you should stay the night on the island, and welcome the first dawn where the nation's easternmost will be a great experience.

Hon Chua Island

The Island

Hon Chua is located in Hon Pineapple Island, Hon Than of Long Thuy Sea, in An Phu commune, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province. The temple is an island that has a special structure with large, stacked rocks with erect cliffs and plenty of green bushes. It is because of this structure that the island is not large, mostly plants of hemp or bush groves. Some of the island's plants, coconuts, and eagles are brought from the mainland. It still retains the pristine "ravishing", attracting many visitors to admire and explore.
Coming to Hon Chua, you will be immersed in the fresh air with blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine, suitable for a holiday, relaxation trip. Around the Hon Chua are coral reefs with an area of up to 100ha, consisting of many kinds of coral with colourful, varied, rich in type and size. Just having a life jacket and scuba goggles is that you've got the chance to admire both a "coral kingdom" under the blue Ocean. In addition, you can join fisherman fishing, squid, sea urchin,... and enjoy the freshest seafood at Hon Chua Island

Van Hoa Plateau.

Van Hoa Plateau is like Da Lat in the middle of Phu yen with a height of 400m, plateau is a natural picture filled with sunshine, wind and haze. Google photo source.

Located about 40km north of Tuy Hoa, run the car from Tuy Hoa to National Road 1A to the north to Hoa multi Hamlet, then turn left follow the TEL 643 back to West about 25 kilometers to reach the Yunnan Plateau.
The most appropriate time to visit the Van Hoa Plateau is on Tet holiday, when wildflowers race each other along the way to make the scene as if the painting was just brilliant, equally romantic.
The Van Hoa Plateau is like Da Lat in the middle of Phu yen with a height of 400m, plateau is a natural picture filled with sunshine, wind and clouds blind of the way. In the morning, the plateau is covered with a translucent mist. Visitors to this place will feel extremely pleasant because temperatures in the Republic are always lower than in Tuy Hoa.
The Van Hoa Plateau is suitable for those who want to escape the heat of summer and want to be relaxed in the soft weather, between the fresh green plants and the mountain of the hills. Living between such wonderful air and nature, the human mood is also more comfortable.

Tiger Cave

The Tiger Cave is made up of hundreds of large, stacked boulders, in an enthusiastic setting with a rocky side, a side lying on the sea, all year round on the waves. Google photo source.

The beautiful rock area is named Tiger Cave in Phuoc Dong village, An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen Province. The name of the Tiger Cave is unknown, but according to the legend, a tiger from the mountain goes down into the sea and enters the cave. One time still did not see the tiger out, they said the tiger died in the cave. The people of An Hai call this place a tiger cave.
The Tiger Cave is made up of hundreds of large, stacked boulders, in an enthusiastic setting with a rocky side, a side lying on the sea, all year round on the waves. The overlapping rocks form openings and these are the paths that you get into the cave. Into the cave, you will feel a cool air, with the rocks bent and the warping.

During the war years, the Tiger Cave became a residential location that could accommodate hundreds of officers and soldiers serving the war against the American rescue. At the end of 2010, Phu Yen Province recognized Tiger Cave as a provincial historic relic. Come here, not only admire the beautiful rock, you will experience the feeling of climbing the cliffs, the difference and watching waves splash on the white shore. The fascinating beauty of the blue Sea, the rocks that undulating the thousands of waves of clapping have made the visitors have to be pleased.

O Loan Lagoon

O Loan Lagoon deserves to be named in the list of hunting spots about Phu Yen beauty of a series of professional photographers. Google photo source.

Located on National Highway 1A, about 22km north of Tuy Hoa, with an area of 1570km, it is famous as a brackish lagoon that is close to the sea with its idyllic, rustic and peaceful beauty. Located at the foot of the Cau pass; From the top of the pass, the lagoon is shaped like a phoenix with wings covering the area.
With his inherent tranquility and images of fisherman's fishing boats, the lagoon is worthy of its name in the list of hunting spots for the beauty of Phu yen in a series of professional photographers. Don't worry if you're not a true photo hunter, just catch a few shooting tips at the same time period that you've brought to A set of super-physical photos and do not crash. Remember, the best time to catch the best moments here is at dawn and dusk when the sun blush the whole lagoon area. It was at the time that fishermen started a new day with a routine of Japanese conspiracies and returned home with a batch of sea products.

Ganh Da Dia

Ganh Da Dia Phu Yen is one of 5 disc rocks in the world with the erupting lava phenomenon creating beautiful shapes. Google photo source.

Ganh Da Dia Phu Yen is truly a marvelous masterpiece of nature. The rock here is basalt rock formed 200 million years ago, created by the volcanic activity in the Van Hoa plateau. The lava flows erupting from volcanoes when cold water is frozen, combined with the phenomenon of stress, causing these lava blocks to crack naturally in many directions creating beautiful rocks. , as mysterious as today. It is unique in that there are tens of thousands of hexagonal, circular or square stone pillars, one layer after another, arranged in successive and close like the hands of some god.
From a distance, it looks very much like a giant hive, standing out in the clear blue sea, adding to the mystery of it. You will see that there are stones arranged high and straight, and then there are places where the stones are spread out, inclined like a stack of dishes, maybe because of that, the name Ganh Da Dia was born. Not only that, due to the sea waves patted all year round, the mist of the clouds or the shimmering rays of the sun shines down making the place majestic without a camera or any word to describe all this beautiful beauty. With a unique natural wonder, Ganh Da Dia was also recognized as a national monument in 1998 and put into operation by Phu Yen province.
Ganh Da Dia in Phu Yen is one of five disc rocks in the world with erupting lava phenomena that create this beautiful shape with Giant's Causeway on the northeastern coast of Ireland, the Órganos rapids on La Gomera Island. of Spain, Fingal cave on the island of Staffa, Scotland or Jusangjeolli disc rock of Korea. This shows that nature has been extremely biased for our country to have such a beautiful wonder.

Vuc Phun

Vuc Phun is located in the Black Rock mountain range, amidst thousands of trees and mountains, creating a very poetic landscape. Google photo source

Vuc Phun Attractions Streams from Ca mountain range form the confluence of Banh Lai River, located on the upper reaches of Banh Lai River in Hoa My Tay commune, Tay Hoa district, with an altitude of 50m above sea level. granite layer then eroded into a deep valley to create a deep pool that the locals call Vuc Phun. Vuc Phun is located about 20km from the center of Tuy Hoa city, visitors can travel by car or motorbike to come here.
 The reason for this name is because the geological structure between the top of the abyss is solid rock layers and the bottom of the basin is soft erosion eroded layers that gradually erode over the years to form a hole. The water from the upstream rushed down the pit and threw white foam as if from below there was a giant object that sprayed water up high. Vuc Phun is located in the Black Rock mountain range, amidst thousands of trees and mountains, creating a very poetic landscape. Especially from the cliff to the cliff, there are many vertical erect, from the view down visitors have strong feelings.
Vuc Phun Phu Yen is really "virtual paradise" to attract all visitors. Not only immersed in the majestic mountains, visitors can participate in activities such as: Rowing, climbing, .. for those who love adventure and want to conquer the height. Or camping activities, outdoor BBQ will bring peaceful feeling, fun.

Xuan Dai Bay

Xuan Dai Bay, a beautiful bay, was nominated to the beautiful bays club in the world, making everyone here bewitched. Google photo source.

National beauty spot of Xuan Dai Bay - a beautiful bay was nominated to the Club of beautiful bays in the world, making everyone here bewitched. Located in the northern part of Phu Yen province, with over 13,000 hectares of immense water surface along Tuy An district and Song Cau town, Xuan Dai Bay has the beauty of tolerance and soul of any wanderer.
Embracing the bay are lush green forests and the Co Ngua mountain range spreading to the sea to 15 km. Many discreet mountain ranges create clumsy, calm pools of fresh air.
Next to dreamy flat beaches, rocky rapids undulate in every morning. Boating in the Xuan Dai virgin wind, visitors also have the opportunity to discover more strange and rare things on the small islands, coral reefs, seaweeds, ... Join in the life of fisherman villages , visitors will feel the friendly, straightforward and assertive personality of a South Central coastal culture region.
Owning many beautiful beaches and beaches such as Vung La, Vung Su, Vung Chao ... and many islands and peninsulas such as Ong Xa islet, Nhat Tu Son island, Da Mai cape, Tai Ma cape ..., the bay Xuan Dai and the famous landscapes along the coast of Phu Yen such as Da Dia Ganh, O Loan lagoon, Cu Mong lagoon ... create a unique landscape - relic complex that attracts visitors every time they come to Phu Yen.

Experience all 10 famous beautiful sites of Phu Yen make sure you have unforgettable memories. You will realize that Phu Yen actually has some beautiful scenes where the footage has not been fully exploited. And more specifically, you will enjoy the famous Phu Yen cuisine, you will remember forever and make sure that if asked if you want to return to Phu Yen? then to me, the answer will be to return on the nearest day as soon as the opportunity.
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