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Top 10 popular tourist destinations in Quang Nam

You are a travel lover and want to explore everywhere in all parts of the country. Then come to Quang Nam, will be a not bad choice for you a trip full of discovering the most new things in this land of Quang. Quang Nam is one of the places with many famous tourist attractions. Being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the nature here or the village roads, the old town, the historical sites here and explore the cuisine of Quang Nam is the most interesting thing for your trip. What are you waiting for without coming to this famous tourist area in Quang Nam. Come with me to each location of this land through the article below.

Hoi An

Top 10 popular tourist destinations in Quang Nam

Popular tourist spots in Quang Nam-hoi An. (Image source: Internet)

Quang Nam has two heritage is recognized as a world cultural heritage. One of the most preferred places for tourists to Quang Nam is Hoi An ancient town. Hoi An is an old quarter where temples, old houses and other characteristic monuments are located. Hoi An is the best choice of tourists when visiting Quang Nam.

My Son Sanctuary.

Famous tourist destination Quang Nam - My Son Sanctuary. (Image source: internet)

This is one of two heritage recognized as a cultural heritage of Quang Nam. Formerly this was a place of sacrifice of the Champa dynasty. And this is also the tomb of kings in the ancient Champa kingdom. Each king, after ascending the throne, came to My Son to worship holy offerings, make offerings and build temples. My Son Sanctuary with more than 70 temples and pagodas built in Cham Pa architecture is an attractive place not to be missed in Quang Nam.

Cu Lao Cham

Popular tourist destination Quang Nam - Cu Lao Cham. (Image source: internet)

Cu Lao Cham is a biosphere reserve of the world. Known for its sandy beaches, the cool blue sea attracts many tourists. It is very special that the people are very conscious, so this place never has rubbish. People here do not use plastic bags for living or shopping. It is an island cluster of Quang Nam that attracts tourists.

Thu Mother Monument

Popular tourist destination Quang Nam - Thu Mother Monument. (Image source: internet)

Thu Mother is the heroic Vietnamese mother of Quang Nam. Her nine children died forever in the war. To express her deep gratitude to her mother, when she passed away in Quang Nam province, she built the monument of Thu Mother. This is considered the largest monument in Southeast Asia with sophisticated architecture and elaborate construction.

The memorial house of Vo Chi Cong

Popular tourist destination Quang Nam - Vo Chi Cong Memorial Hall. (Image source: internet)

The memorial house of Vo Chi Cong was put into tourism after his death. To commemorate Mr. Quang Nam for restoration and tourism. It not only exhibits artifacts of Vo Chi Cong but also other souvenirs. This is an old house with cool and natural space.

Tam Thanh Mural Village

Popular tourist spot Quang Nam-Tam Thanh mural village. (Photo source: Internet)

Village in Trung Thanh Hamlet, Tam Thanh commune, Tam Ky CITY, Quang Nam, about 70 km from Da Nang by National Route 1A. The village was newly painted by Korean painters over 100 paintings on the walls of the inhabitants. This is a hot address that cannot be missed when visiting Quang Nam.
However, if you are not a person who likes to take pictures, it is recommended that you do not come here if you are not convenient because the experience here is quite small and the travel services are not much developed.

An Bang Beach

Popular tourist spots in Quang Nam-An Bang Beach. (Photo source: Internet)

An bang is located in Hoi An City, Quang Nam province. It is known for its beautiful blue sea, the clean white sand. Come here, you will be satisfied to wave the waves, friendly people, Hoa Dong. In 2014, An Bang also reached the most beautiful 100 beaches on the planet by CNNGo voted. Not noisy, floating like the sea of Cua Dai, An unspoiled eagle, deserted as a "paradise of tranquility" of Hoi An.

Dong Giang Tea Hill

Famous tourist spots in Quang Nam-dong Giang tea Hill. (Photo source: Internet)

Dong Giang Tea Hill is one of the ideal road trips of young children. This place belongs to the Thang National Farm, Dong Giang District, about 1 hour from Da Nang City by motorbike under Highway 14B. The tea hill stretches, green, right line is the place for you to take photos, immerse yourself with the flavour of tea.

Grăng Waterfall

Popular tourist spots in Quang Nam-Waterfall Grăng. (Photo source: Internet)

Nestled in Ta Bhing Township, Nam Giang District, Quang Nam Province, the waterfall is like a soft silk strip on the mountain. Visit the most beautiful falls in April 4 – 8 months annually. At this point, you'll get to admire a line of white falls with water dust that exudes mist, radiating extremely beautiful light

Thanh ha Pottery Village

Popular tourist attractions in Quang Nam-Thanh ha Pottery village. (Photo source: Internet)

From the center of Hoi An to 5km to Thanh ha ward, you will be lost into the wonderful world of famous wonders in the World and Vietnam. At the same time, you can admire the famous products of the famous pottery village in the country such as Bat Trang, Chan Lang, Vinh Long... Or create interesting products from the land to make gifts for relatives.

On this article are the famous tourist resorts in Quang Nam that you want to send to readers. Hope to help you read a tour full of new experiences and discover the novelty on this tour. Thank you for your interest in watching this article, remember to like and share to everyone about these places.
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