07.07.2020, 19:11

Unique traditional craft of soya sauce making in Ban village

Visiting Ban village to explore the traditional craft of soya sauce making.

NDO – Soya sauce is a traditional dish of the Vietnamese people. The dish can be found in many localities, but the most delicious one is made by locals in Ban Yen Nhan town, My Hao district, Hung Yen province.

Unique traditional craft of soya sauce making in Ban village

Located 30km from Hanoi, the town impresses visitors from the first look due to the many earthen jars in different sizes and shapes in the grounds of local houses as well as the sweet smell of soya sauce in the air.

The making of a bowl of yellow, sweet and tasty soya sauce requires a lot of time, specific techniques and experience.

First, the craftsmen soak sticky rice in water and boil it.

The boiled rice is then left for two days until it turns yellow due to fungus.

The rice is then mixed with soybeans, salt and water. The mixture is poured into earthen or ceramic jars, which are covered tightly and dried in the sun for two to three months.

During the drying period, makers must stir the mixture every morning and noon, but only for a minute.

Sunlight heats up the jars, contributing to advancing the speed of the process. The sunnier it is, the quicker the process is completed.

The craft creates jobs for four or five workers in each household. During peak season from March to August, each soya sauce making facility can attract 10 to 15 local employees with an income ranging from VND4 million to VND5 million.

Photo credit: Dang Anh – Vinh Pham