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[UPDATE] Western tourism should go to the most impressive and beautiful province in 2021?

Western tourism should go to any province? Let’s take a look at the lands that will definitely not disappoint you when you have the opportunity to set foot in the West of the river.

1. An Giang – the hottest western tourist destination 

The first name to answer the question of Western tourism should go to a certain province is An Giang. This is the province with the most population in the Mekong Delta. Here you will be lost in a rustic, peaceful and picturesque land. Among tourist destinations, Tra Su Melaleuca forest is considered to be the most famous place with immense green color from nearly 900ha wide-faced forests. Being able to step into this forest, the upper throne is turned off, and down the stream of water through the green duckweed is enough to surprise you with the wonderful nature. 

[UPDATE] Western tourism should go to the most impressive and beautiful province in 2021?
Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

For guests who prefer spiritual destinations or want to hear about the folk’s mysteries, that land of That Son, you can visit An Giang department. There are 7 mountains in which Cam mountain is the highest mountain in the Mekong Delta. Conquering those mountains, visitors can fully see An Giang from the ideal height, visit famous temples and learn about thrilling stories from the core. 

Unique pagoda on Cam An Giang mountain

An Giang is a province with diverse religious interference, which is clearly demonstrated that it is the Jamiul Azhar mosque of the Cham Muslim or the most ancient mosque of Cochinchina. This is not only a religious activity spot but also attracts a large number of visitors to visit, check-in and learn about unique architecture like the West. 

Jamiul Azhar Cathedral

2. Which province should travel in the West region? – Can Tho

If you are wondering which western tourist should go to which province has the most beautiful floating market, go to Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho. This floating market is the busiest trading and trading place in the West, even before and now. Unlike the Thai floating market, which was set up for the purpose of tourism development, Cai Rang has experienced ups and downs in history and is still a place associated with people’s lives, bringing a sense of intimacy. visitors to visit. 

Cai Rang floating market 

Coming to Can Tho, you should not ignore Ninh Kieu wharf – a typical image for the strong development of the land of Tay Do. This place was built during the French colonial period, is a historical witness to many brutal wars. Today, Ninh Kieu wharf has become a modern and most famous tourist resort in the West with impressive architecture, luxury yachts and “expensive” check-in corners. 

HOT check-in point at Ninh Kieu wharf 

In addition, Can Tho also has many beautiful and sacred temples attracting many tourists to visit such as Nam Nha pagoda and Ong pagoda. These works all possess very unique and strange architecture, especially at Ong pagoda, which promises to be a stylish virtual living space for you. 

Ong Can Tho Pagoda

3. Ca Mau – the sacred land of the Fatherland 

Western tourism should go to any province? Certainly Ca Mau will be a not bad suggestion. First of all, it is impossible not to mention Hon Khoai Island, a pristine, green island with a very diverse ecosystem. Here, visitors not only can enjoy the blue seas but also have the opportunity to see wild animals such as lizards, wild boars, … 

Ca Mau Potato Island

Besides Hon Khoai, Dat Mui is the reason why many people choose Ca Mau as a stopover when coming to the West. Because this is the southernmost part of the country. Feeling very proud when touching the wooden column marking the territorial sovereignty or admiring the last strip of land of our country. 

Ca Mau Cape Land

4. Western tourism should go to what province – Ben Tre coconut land

Ben Tre will be a great destination when you are wondering which province to travel to the West? If you have the opportunity to set foot in the land of coconut, you should visit Con Phung to immerse yourself in the local folklife, enjoy the special garden specialties. Another highlight here is the relic Mr. Dao Dua has many impressive architecture and stories about his biography. 

Cong Phung, Ben Tre

In Ben Tre, there is also the famous Con Boi beach. This is not a resort sea with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, but a place for visitors to visit the beautiful Oc Viet street and enjoy very cheap and delicious seafood.

Con Buon Sea

5. To the West, remember to visit Hau Giang 

Hau Giang is also a notable one when traveling to the West . There is the very famous Kittyd & Minnied Park with the largest scale in the Mekong Delta. The park has architecture like a magnificent European castle. During the festival season, there are many exciting events at Kittyd & Minnied, like a miniature Disney. 

(Photo: ngngdiep_88)

Another beautiful place in Hau Giang that you should visit is Tu Sang Bamboo Road. Visit the 10,000m2 bamboo forest, step under the green bamboo canopies, take divine pictures, enjoy the wonderful peaceful countryside atmosphere. 

Tu Sang Bamboo Road

6. Explore the rustic life in Tien Giang

Which province should I travel to the West? If you are consulting, please come to Tien Giang right away. Among the tourist highlights in Tien Giang, Thoi Son isle is the most famous. Although the area is not too large, this place is still considered a miniature West with countless interesting activities such as sitting on a tricycle, slapping a ditch to catch fish, visiting the orchard, listening to the music of amateurs, … 

Cu Lao Thoi Son

In addition, if you want to enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits, please visit Cai Be garden – the largest fruit basket in the Mekong Delta. There are all kinds of fruits for visitors to choose from. The fruit in the garden is not only rich in quantity but also has a delicious taste thanks to the soil and careful care of the farmer. 

Orange granary in Cai Be

7. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flowers in Dong Thap

Western tourism should go to any province? Come to Dong Thap and visit Sa Dec flower garden , you will not be disappointed. This place is an ancient craft village dating back more than 100 years. The flowers here are uniquely planted without touching the ground, sown in pots on high scaffolding. During the flooding season, visitors will be able to sit on the bed to admire the colorful flower beds in the sun. 

Sa Dec flower village

A destination that many tourists always want to go to Dong Thap is Tram Chim National Park . This is the shelter for hundreds of species of storks such as: old Javan, golden pig, white-winged swans, pelicans, … The best time to visit Tram Chim is the floating water season. 

Tram Chim National Park

8. Western tourism should go to any province? – Bac Lieu 

Western tourism should go to any province? One of the provinces that cannot forget to mention that is Bac Lieu. This place has the famous wind blower field . Possessing immense space with 62 wind turbines printed on a blue sky background, this is a very cool background for your virtual live photos. 

The wind blower field in Bac Lieu

Especially in Bac Lieu there is a very beautiful pagoda that is Cu Lao Pagoda. This is the most beautiful Khmer temple in the Mekong Delta. When you come, you will surely be quite amazed by the sophisticated architecture, brilliantly colored blocks. All over the main hall is carved with unique and intricate patterned lines. 

(Photo: goasiadaytrip)

With the above suggestions, you must have the answer to the question of which province should you travel to the West ? Bold the cultural identity of the river, the images that appear in the memories of many people about this land are alluvial streams, hyacinths, endless young seedlings, coconut tops, anchovies, … All of them make us feel a very rustic West, honest, not flowery or showy, but enough for us to fall in love and love. 

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