28.03.2021, 22:57

Take note of Vietnam’s world-famous works

You will not be surprised to know that these world-record works are completely … “made in Vietnam”.

Van Don International Airport – A leading regional airport in the world

Before Van Don International Airport was officially put into operation, the history of Vietnam’s aviation industry never appeared at a private airport. After less than a year of operation, the airport quickly won the title of “Asia’s Leading New Airport”, then “World’s Leading Regional Airport 2020” by the prestigious World Travel Award. .

Take note of Vietnam’s world-famous works

The journey to create this century project has been costly by CPG – Singapore’s leading consulting firm and Sun Group. To create a new “gateway” with good impressions for the Northeast, experts have carefully consulted the experiences and suitable models in the world, especially Bao An Shenzhen International Airport. Quyen – one of the 3 largest international airports in China, which holds the strategic connection of domestic and international traffic routes similar to Van Don international airport.

Refining the quintessence of the design of this famous airport, the talented architects of CPG have cleverly arranged the most characteristic beauty of nature, heaven, and water waves of Quang Ninh into the home design. the station of Van Don airport in a truly natural green space.

Welcoming visitors is the dome of the station that resembles stacked sails reaching out to the open and open sea. Meanwhile, the system of wooden louvers, gardens, slopes, shutters, and windows evokes the beauty of traditional architectural works in the heritage region of Quang Ninh. In particular, all passengers when taking the flight to Van Don will be greeted with “the sound of running water, rustling green leaves” – a green space filled with relaxing light right in the very place of the trip. – The return is still hustle going.

With an investment of about 7,500 billion VND, receiving the most modern airplanes in the world such as A380, B777, Van Don international airport has become a brand guaranteeing prestige, quality of service and class of private infrastructure projects in Vietnam.

Last year, Van Don International Airport also created a miracle when performing the national mission, becoming an airport to welcome flights from epidemic zones to safe countries. More than 180 such meaningful flights have been carried out at this airport as of March 2020.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – A rare resort masterpiece in the world

Referring to the works that make the mark of Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the world’s leading luxury resort, a place that enchants the super-rich, billionaires, and Grade A stars – InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort do Sun Group invests in Da Nang. This is the only resort in the world for 4 consecutive years (2014-2017) to win the World Travel Award in the category “World’s most luxurious resort” and “Friendly resort. World leading environment “for 3 consecutive years (2018-2020), creating a miracle in the hospitality industry.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort converges architectural quintessence and traditional Asian cultural values, with 5-star service privileges in more than 200 luxurious rooms facing the sea at the hands of “resort witch” Bill Bensley.

Not only is an architectural masterpiece hidden between the forest and the sea, giving visitors the feeling of relaxation as being in the beautiful nature of Son Tra, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort also has a system of restaurants and services. state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art entertainment, relaxation, practice. The exclusive privileges at the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort have conquered the leaders of the world’s largest economies and made the resort the venue for important meetings of the Asia Economic Forum – Pacific APEC 2017.

Quality, class and distinction, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort has proven the attraction of Vietnam’s luxury resort products, while contributing to raising the position of Vietnamese tourism on the world tourism map.

Sun World Ba Na Hills – Asia’s premier theme park

Bringing Vietnam’s tourism to the global reputation, there are also world-class entertainment resorts, typically Sun World Ba Na Hills – the world’s leading iconic tourist destination 2020 awarded by the World Travel Award. This is also a famous tourist area around the world with the famous “masterpiece” Golden Bridge, has just been voted by the British Daily Mail to be the top 1 among the new wonders of the world on March 19.

Sun World Ba Na Hills is considered as “miniature Europe” with magnificent castles, old gray stone streets tinged with the color of time, the flower space is overwhelming as the miniature Netherlands in the surrounding mountains. cloudy years and festivals throughout the four seasons. From the tulip festival in spring, the Oktoberfest standard beer festival of Oktoberfest every summer, the wine festival in the autumn, or the Halloween festival, the traditional Christmas in winter to world-class art shows. Like the large-scale, majestic Sunshine Dance with the participation of more than 230 international actors, the 1484m-high tourist resort constantly brings unforgettable experiences to visitors, whenever they arrive. here.

With endless and constantly renewed experiences, Sun World Ba Na Hills has realized Sun Group’s dream, which is to give Vietnamese people the opportunity to “explore worthy entertainment areas. internationalization within the country instead of going abroad to play the park “, and beyond that, making foreign tourists yearn to come to Vietnam to enjoy the unprecedented experience in the world. Follow Dan trí