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The beauty of Lung Tuy cave, Ha Giang

Lung Khuy cave has the same name as the beautiful Lung Khuy village of the Mong people living at the foot of the mountain. Before being put into exploitation for tourism, Lung Khuy cave is a place closely linked to the spiritual life of the Mong ethnic people in Lung Quy village.

Where is Lung Khuy cave located?

Lung Khuy cave (as people call it) is a newly discovered cave, located halfway up a mountain in Lung Tuy village, Quan Ba ​​commune, Quan Ba ​​district, Ha Giang province. Cave, about 10km from Tam Son town. This is the most beautiful cave in Dong Van rocky plateau , bringing pristine beauty with many splendid stalactites and fancy shapes. 

The name of the cave is also named after the village, Lung Khuy cave. The cave officially opened to visitors in 2015 and has great potential for local tourism development in the future. In addition, this new discovery also brings many geological values ​​for the rocky highlands.

The beauty of Lung Tuy cave, Ha Giang
First cave of Dong Van rocky plateau

Discover the enchanting beauty of Lung Khuy cave

This new discovery really did not bring much surprise to the people of Quan Ba ​​district because everyone has known the cave for a long time. The cave has become a familiar place to shelter from rain and storm for the Hmong here when they have to go to the fields every day. 

The special point is that the cave is still very unspoiled due to little human impact. Thanks to the geological characteristics, the cave has been classified as a unique heritage Dong Van Plateau Global Geopark. In addition, the Ha Giang district authorities also plan for nearby locations such as Can Ty Stone Forest, Trang Kim town area, Nam Dam cultural tourism village … to bring many positive signals to the tourism industry. Ha Giang.

Lung Quy cave has a length of about 300 m, has two cave doors, each of which is 1.5 meters high and 1 meter wide, the cave arch is high and the cave is quite wide. Step by step you step into the cave, you will in turn discover the pristine features of stalactites displaying all shapes, diverse colors and rich with wonder, splendor, magic through cliffs and rocks. unique emulsion.

Fanciful space inside the cave

Lung Khuy  Quan Ba cave is about 300m long with a quite wide cave bed – the widest spot is nearly 200m. The cave has two doors, each one is about 1.5m high and 1m wide. The dome is quite high, the highest point is about 100m; . If you only see from the outside of the cave, you can only see stalactites, dark yellow stone pillars and rough, but when you step into the cave, you will in turn discover a stalactite world with many shapes. and rich and varied colors. The pristine rock complexes can make visitors think of vivid shapes such as lion’s head, flower trees, flowing waterfalls, towers … The stalactites are golden yellow, white combined with colors. The many lights bring visitors a fanciful, sparkling space mixed with a little magic and magic.

The rocks have a unique shape

There are also many holes or puddles in the cave. People in the area, when doing their fields at noon, often come here to find drinking water. There are many drooping stalactites in the dome of the cave with strange shapes that make visitors feel like the ground is being reversed. 

When visiting Lung Khuy cave , you will discover every corner of the cave, admire the mesmerizing stalactites, strange creatures in the cave and listen to the resounding sound like the crack of falling water droplets. From the dome of the cave, it sounds very funny.

“The giant lute” in Lung Khuy cave

The deeper you go inside, you will witness many stalactites, especially the 1 – 2 meter long curtain-like stalactite area that looks like a giant “harp” that can sound when tapped. creating unique and distinct melodies of rock. In addition, along the length of about 300 m with many different branches, visitors will be free to explore the mysteries of this pristine cave.

Stairs are sturdy for pedestrians

Investors spent 5 billion VND to build cave doors, make steps up and down, design a light system, a very sturdy iron frame built walkway system to help visitors easily move around in the cave. … In addition, the 5 km long road connecting the center of Quan Ba ​​commune to the foot of the mountain has been covered with plastic, making it convenient for tourist cars to enter. 

Tourists visiting Lung Khuy cave  can walk into the cave but have to follow the 1-kilometer long road around the mountainside, which is quite easy to go. Walk while watching the natural scenery of Quan Ba ​​land and admire the houses of ethnic people lying on the edge of the mountain.

The scenery around the cave of Lung Khuy

The magnificent and majestic beauty of Lung Tuy Ha Giang cave seems to have no words to be fully acted out. As a unique masterpiece of nature, this cave will surely bring unforgettable moments, memories, and impressions to the hearts of visitors.

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