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There is a pristine Hang Cau that is poetic like that in the heart of Ly Son!

When you are tired of tourist destinations being too commercialized, Ly Son Cave will be the ideal place to help you enjoy the unspoiled nature.

Location and way to move to Cau cave

Hang Cau is located at the foot of Thoi Loi mountain , in Dong village, An Hai commune, Ly Son island district, Quang Ngai province and about 10km northeast of Ly Son island center.

It is known that the cliff here used to be covered with a typical plant of the Ly Son sea, which is spinach, so people gave it the name “Cau”, but this is not Where do you sit for fishing?

Unique Hang Cau (Photo @ thuypham298)

Located quite close to Ly Son wharf, so visitors can rent a motorbike or take a taxi or tram to get to Cau cave . However, taxis are quite expensive, so if you go with a few people, it is best to use a motorbike for convenience.

Accordingly, from the wharf, you run along the coastline or follow Road No. 9 through Muong Thanh Ly Son Hotel in about 15 minutes to arrive. 

Revealing, on the way, you can not only see the turquoise green beaches but also admire the green garlic fields, radiating the aroma, so do not forget to stop and do some virtual live photos.

There is a pristine Hang Cau that is poetic like that in the heart of Ly Son!
Beautiful, poetic garlic fields (Photo @ christinanguyen115)

What’s so attractive about Cau cave?

The scene is majestic, poetic

If Thoi Loi mountain is a volcano that has fallen asleep for millions of years, Cau cave is the extinct lava flows, creating a characteristic dark gray color that is nowhere to be found.

Besides, while the bottom of this rocky mountain has been eroded by waves for hundreds of years to form a deep cave in the mountain, the surface is sculpted by the delicate sea breeze into lines. The border is winding like waves, looks extremely impressive.

An impressive mountain (Photo @ nguyen_tran8282)

Moreover, each part of Quang Ngai Cau cave has a different color: some are dark, some are light gray, the parts that are sun-shined are white and white as if they are covered with chalk. covered with moss and green … like a unique masterpiece that nature bestows on Ly Son pearl .

In particular, looking back from a distance, you can also admire the scenery on one side of the towering rocky mountain, the other side is the whispering blue sea, sometimes there are waves rushing into the cliffs to throw white foam, creating a beauty that is both majestic and poetic.

Charming mountain scenery (Photo @ iam.rachelbui)

Many interesting activities

Go to the beach

The seawater in Cau Cave is as turquoise blue, clean and clear, with a clear view of fish swimming at a depth of several meters and the rocks are covered with green moss like seaweed on the bottom, so It would be wonderful to be immersed in that cool water to dispel the sweltering heat of the hot summer.

Water in this way without taking a bath is a waste (Photo @ linhxd495)

Revealing, this is also the only place with a suitable beach for swimming on the Big Island of Ly Son.

Besides, you can also sit on the white sand so that the waves gently pass through the body or take a walk to pick up the shells, sparkling in the sun to make memories, will also be the experience. Extremely memorable for viewing.

Dive and see coral

The southern sea area of Cau cave has small but colorful coral reefs, with many fancy shapes hidden under the clear water, when the light shines on it, it glows, making everyone overwhelmed. So you must definitely not forget to dive and see them somewhere.

And of course, there are not only corals, but also under the sea there are many other unique aquatic species, each of which carries its own color, so it will not disappoint your diving trip. where.

Virtual life

The combination of wild and magnificent beauty and poetic and lovely features of Cau Cave on Ly Son Island is an endless source of inspiration for supernatural and supernatural virtual living pictures.

In particular, the jagged rocks with many strange shapes, covered with a layer of green moss, sometimes with silver waves hitting hard on white foam, will definitely help your photo be beautiful. always.

The picture is as beautiful as a poem (Photo @_tabi__)

Join sports activities

To tour the cave Questions you may “loose” our best with the operation of extremely exciting sports such as canoeing, water or stimulation baskets rather than racing kayaks. As for groups of friends, you can play team building or volleyball on the smooth white sand, make sure to forget the melancholy.

There are many basket boats and kayaks for fun activities (Photo @ tien.gao)


This is a rare tourist destination in Ly Son where visitors can organize outdoor excursions such as campfires, BBQ parties, sleeping tents and dancing, singing … so if not try experience is gonna be pity to see.

Moreover, the market in Dong village, only about 2km from Cau Cave, sells many attractive dishes such as bread, bun cha, grilled meat vermicelli, filter cake and fresh seafood dishes from the sea. … so it only takes a few minutes to move and you have a super delicious and attractive party.

Ideal time to visit Cau Cave

The best time at Cau Ly Son cave is at sunset (about 16:30 to 17:00), because at this time the tide has drawn out trails and magical rugged layers. 

Moreover, when the sun is coming down the mountain, the whole space is covered in magical orange yellow and reflects the impressive light and dark colors, making you unable to take your eyes off.

Charming sunset (Photo @thanhly_pinuhouse)

In addition, in the early morning, the clear blue sky adorns a few drifting white clouds and the sun shines bright yellow rays of sunlight into the space, making each stone pattern appear sharp, which color is it, will also make you be surprised because it is so beautiful.

Super magical dawn (Photo @ camie241)

A few notes when traveling to Cau cave

– Renting a chair or hammock to sit waiting to lose 15,000 VND / object, renting a basket boat to the sea costs 70,000 VND / person, renting a kayak costs 150,000 VND / person (including diving goggles, buoys, scratch-resistant shoes, waterproof) .

– The sea adjacent to the foot of the cave has many rugged rocks below, so if you want to swim, you have to go along the sandy beach to the far sea.

– If you want to visit Hang Pagoda, go at low tide, because at high tide, the trail leading to the temple will be covered.

– The rocks here are covered with moss, very slippery, so when taking pictures, visitors must be very careful.

It can be said that with its ideal location, picturesque scenery, Cau Cave is the most worthy place to visit on Ngoc Ly Son Island.

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