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Five traditional festivals in Quang Ngai are famous for attracting tourists from near and far

Traditional festivals in Quang Ngai are a unique feature for visitors to learn about the culture, as well as participate in exciting entertainment activities that promise to bring you a memorable trip.

Traditional festivals in Quang Ngai 

Nghinh Ong festival, boat racing festival, fishing festival, buffalo stabbing festival … are famous festivals in Quang Ngai attracting visitors from near and far with the meaning of praying for good luck for a good year of rain. Air as well as expressing gratitude to those who went ahead. 

1. Nghinh Ong festival

Nghinh Ong festival is also known as Ong fish worshiping ceremony, which is held at the beginning of the fishing season. The people of Quang Ngai believe that whales are sacred animals that help people in the sea to be at peace every time they go out to sea. 

Nghinh Ong festival is held twice a year, fall in July or August and spring in January or February. In which, autumn festival is held larger than spring, this is also a time when fishermen expressed gratitude to Duc Ngu Ong for a year full of fish and boats.     

Five traditional festivals in Quang Ngai are famous for attracting tourists from near and far
Nghinh Ong festival

This traditional festival in Quang Ngai is held at the Ong fish shrine and mausoleum. On the day of the Ong fish mausoleum festival, fishermen here are beautifully decorated, all boats will not go to sea and all fishermen’s families will worship Ong fish and hang lanterns at night. 

The fish worshiping ceremony includes: Ong ceremony, the ceremony, the main ceremony and many interesting games such as wrestling, singing, tug of war, boat racing, basket boat racing, stilts racing … This is a festival special features of Quang Ngai tourism and also an opportunity for visitors to learn about the culture.  

The scene of Nghinh Ong festival

2. Festival of fishermen

The people of Quang Ngai organize an annual fishing festival with the desire to pray for a calm and prosperous year during the year floating on the sea. The fishing ceremony is also known as the job drop ceremony or the launching ceremony, most notably the Sa Huynh fishing festival. The Fisherman Festival is held on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, at which time all boats gather at the mouth of the sea and decorate bright flowers, then present offerings.

Fish festivals

Next, the government started to open the festival and summarized the entire fishing process in one year as well as devised a new plan. At the end of the festival, after the sound of the drum signaling the opening ceremony, the whole boat starts going out one after another. 

When the vessel has traveled a few nautical miles, there will be a spirit report ceremony and the first catch of the year will begin. If you want to join the funniest fishing festival in Quang Ngai, you can go to Co Luy, An Chuan, Sa Huynh. If you are looking for a traditional festival in Quang Ngai to travel the first spring of the year, the fishing festival is the ideal choice for you.

It is a traditional festival of the people of Quang Ngai

3. Boat racing festival   

Referring to the traditional festivals in Quang Ngai,  it is impossible to ignore the special boat racing festival held on the occasion of the New Year from 4-8 January of the lunar calendar every year. On the days of the festival, all boats are decorated with beautiful Long, Ly, Quy and Phuong pictures. 

The festival is held in the downstream areas of Ly Son Island attracting thousands of participants. The Quang Ngai Boat Race Festival is actively held in Ve River, Vung Tau Bay, Sa Can Estuary, Tra Bong River, Tra Khuc River and the southwestern area of ​​Ly Son Island. 

Boat racing Festival   

The boat racing festival is considered to be one of the biggest festivals of the people of Quang Ngai, this is not only an opportunity to commemorate those who have established themselves on the blue sea, with many entertainment games. but also shows the aspirations of the people of the sea. 

Not only that, the people of Ly Son Quang Ngai island have a saying, “The fourth day has a boat race, until the seventh day to catch the faction.” If you have the opportunity to travel to Ly Son in the early spring you should join the ceremony This famous boat racing festival to mingle with the exciting atmosphere. 

The festival attracts a large number of people to participate

4. Buffalo stabbing festival

The buffalo stabbing festival is held in November – December of the lunar calendar, after the harvest of ripe rice ends, a typical festival of the Co, Co Dong, and Hre ethnic groups. This traditional festival in Quang Ngai takes place within 5 days, to express gratitude to ancestors and gods for a new year in good season. In the days of the festival, people make rice to treat family and friends together. 

Buffalo kill Festival

The buffalo-stabbing festival is held on the bare land. The first ritual of the festival is the sound of vibrant gongs. When the festival takes place, young men in the village will cut big trees and carve spiritual activities according to beliefs. After that, lead a buffalo to a pole in front of the Rong house and a pig next to it. 

The festival is held in the late afternoon, while the young people in the village play the gongs, then everyone is gathered in new clothes and gathered in front of the Rong house. After the priest finished the ceremony, there was a dance and singing performance and the buffalo started. 

After finishing the buffalo stabbing ceremony, there is a feast of eating, dancing, singing and inviting each other in the joy of the villagers. 

Close-up scene at the festival

5. Doi Bong Association 

Doi Bong Festival is held on January 7, Ly Son Island has cultural and spiritual significance in the beginning of the new year. This traditional festival in Quang Ngai held at An Hai village’s communal house attracts a large number of visitors to participate. 

The festival consists of two factions from two adjacent neighbors, if the team that wins the ball first will win. The people of Quang Ngai’s opinion, if anyone wins the ball, they will have a lot of luck in their life and have a favorable business year. 

Doi Bong Association 

Doi Bong festival has the meaning of wishing a good year of wind and wind, prosperous business and developing lush agriculture and fields, and the people have a peaceful and prosperous life. If you want to mingle with the vibrant festival atmosphere in the beginning of the new year, you cannot miss the Doi Bong festival with many unique cultural activities. 

Doi Bong festival attracts a large number of people

The traditional festivals in Quang Nga above are all held in the early spring, so if you have a trip to explore Quang at this time, take time to learn about the unique culture here. Please!

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