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The mountain is floating on floodwaters in An Giang

In An Giang, there are mountains floating on the flood water.

Mountain Noi, Han Tu is Phu Son, is a mountain located on the banks of the Mekong River, in Tan Thanh commune, Tan Chau town, An Giang province. This is considered the most exotic mountain in the mountain system of the Mekong River region, contributing to diversifying colors for An Giang charming mountain river. Photo: Luc Tung
Only 10 meters high, more than 300 meters in circumference, is the smallest mountain among 37 official mountains in An Giang, but Nui Noi is quite famous for its religious architecture that is nearly hundred years old. God has been worshiped for generations by local people and their folk beliefs. Photo: Luc Tung
After many times of building with leafy materials, in 1938, Nui Noi and Phu Son pagodas were built solidly and persisted by the people in the area. Photo: Luc Tung
More specifically, no matter how big the Mekong River flood is, it has not once submerged the youngest mountain in the An Giang family. According to local people, the greater the floodwater coming from the upstream, submerging the watershed of the Mekong River upstream at a depth of 4-5 meters, but the higher the water, the more the mountain is floating on the surface. flood. Therefore, people worship Nui Noi, which is always floating on the flood water surface. Photo: Luc Tung
According to the notice boards made by the authorities, there are many ancient trees that are older than the century. In the photo, this star tree is said to have been planted since 1885. Photo: Lục Tung
At the foot of the mountain is an ancient well, full of freshwater all year round. Today, in order to fulfill the needs of spiritual visits and tourism, wells are renovated, expanded and planted to increase beauty. Photo: Luc Tung

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