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Saliva to enjoy the famous dry buffalo in Soc Trang

 Buffalo meat has become a favorite dish for many people because it is easy to cook, which is impossible not to mention the famous buffalo and buffalo meat in Soc Trang.

According to many people in Thanh Tri district (Soc Trang province), dry buffalo has been in this locality for many years, it is said that there is hardly any dry buffalo that can “surpass” it.

The owner of a dry buffalo production facility in Thanh Tri district said that dry and delicious must be made from fresh buffalo meat. To get 1kg of dry meat, you must use about 3kg of fresh meat. To make the dry piece fragrant, delicious and delicious, you must choose the meat of the thigh (the lower thigh meat as possible), then use a knife to remove all the tendons. Then, bring slices into intact slices, followed by seasoning, including lemongrass, salt, garlic, chili, …

Saliva to enjoy the famous dry buffalo in Soc Trang
Fresh buffalo meat is used to dry.

The seasoning stage also requires meticulousness. After the seasoning is finished, buffalo meat is put in the refrigerator for overnight to absorb evenly, the next day it will be dried in the sun. Dried finished products are thin, fragrant pieces of lemongrass and characteristic buffalo meat.

There are many ways to enjoy dry buffalo, but the best one is still grilled. First of all, soak it in cold water for about 5 minutes, then bake it, especially if it is grilled with charcoal. When dry, cooked evenly on both sides, take the pestle or handle the ballast knife to soften the piece and release it.

Drying buffalo also has many new stages to produce.

To enjoy dried buffalo meat must have a special dipping sauce. The sauce consists of ripe tamarind fruit that is sliced ​​with boiling water to cool, then add sugar, salt, fish sauce, lemongrass, chilli, mix well, forming a thick, sour, sweet sauce, eat one piece to add pieces Monday.

Thanh Tri buffalo dried in addition to grilled dishes, can also be processed into a salad. The way to make this dish is not difficult, the dry pieces are torn into small strips, then mixed with papaya, add vinegar, chili, sugar, peanuts and whole leaf laksa leaves, …

In addition, there is also a dried buffalo with a sun (ie meat that has been seasoned with spices, then dried in the sun, then grilled to eat immediately). Dry buffalo is very delicious, soft and sweet.

Dry buffalo can be used in meals, can also be turned into a “brand” drink.

Buffalo meat with soy sauce.

In addition to the dried buffalo dish, people in Thanh Tri district and Nga Nam town (Soc Trang) also have a buffalo meat with soy sauce, which also makes visitors pamper when enjoying.

To cook the buffalo meat with soy sauce, a restaurant owner in Soc Trang said, it is necessary to have 3 types of buffalo products including buffalo muscle meat, tendons, heart (just take a table cloth and a hundred layers), soya bean paste has increased. Soft yeast seeds bloom evenly, do not suffer from embarrassment, taste salty, fragrant water is not harsh.

Meat buffalo chopped rectangular pieces, washed with water, then boiled water with ginger and crushed, then removed the meat to drain, marinated with onion, minced fresh garlic with a few tablespoons of water. similarity.

About half an hour later, stir-fry the meat briefly to let it spice up, then add diluted soy sauce, add sugar, monosodium glutamate, add fresh coconut water when boiling, then let low heat and cook for more than an hour. Clock is there is buffalo meat with soy sauce.

Braised buffalo meat will taste better when eaten with some vegetables like energy, gourd …

The standard buffalo dish is a soft piece, the flesh comes out, both the salty taste of the soy sauce, the sweetness of coconut water … When eaten, it is still hot, accompanied by some vegetables such as energy, gourd, and crab. most (also people use boiled vegetables or raw vegetables such as bitter vegetables, cilantro, water spinach, bitter melon, …)

The cold days of the Lunar New Year, with dishes processed from buffalo meat, especially dried buffalo, buffalo and soy sauce to enjoy, is great …

Cao Xuan Luong/Dan trí