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The fairy peach lake lot “unique” fox digging in the West

Digging a unique pond of farmers in Hau Giang to serve the beautiful and eye-catching 2021 Tan Suu Lunar New Year; however, the quantity is small and scarce is not enough to serve the market.
The fairy peach lake lot “unique” fox digging in the West

The 75-year-old Mr. Vo Hong Quoc’s 2021 Lunar New Year’s Peach Garden in Phu Tri A Hamlet, Phu Tan Commune (Chau Thanh, Hau Giang) is giving beautiful and shiny fruits for Tet.However, this year the number is nearly half less than last year.- Photo: Hoa Hoi

Take care of the fox

Mr. Vo Hong Quoc said that this year, he made only about 300 foxholes with Tai-Loc printed words, while last year it was 500.

Due to the unusual weather, during the flowering period, there was a successive storm, causing the flowers to fall and not bear fruit.jаvascript:if(typeof(admSspPageRg)!=’undefined’){admSspPageRg.draw(2010020);}else{parent.admSspPageRg.draw(2010020);}

Beautiful fruit, shiny

Selling price ranges from 300,000 to 700,000 VND / fruit, but not enough to satisfy customers.

Mr. Quoc’s garden has an area of ​​1ha, the fairy peach tree is a wild species, so he intercropped with other trees to increase income.- Photo: Hoa Hoi

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