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Enjoy the delicious Quang Ninh nodding cake to delight visitors near and far

Quang Ninh Nodding Cake is not only attractive with delicious taste, but also impressed by its extremely unique – strange name. If you have the opportunity to visit Dat Mo, you should once enjoy this famous specialty and feel. 

Nodding cake – a famous specialty in Tien Yen, Quang Ninh 

Nodding cake is a famous dish in Quang Ninh for a long time and has become a beauty in Dat Mo’s culinary culture. People in Tien Yen used to have a hobby of eating noodle and rolls with the desire to keep the rich taste of rice, so the people here created the famous nod cake. Nodding cake is a specialty dish of the Tay, Dao and San Diu ethnic groups living in Tien Yen. 

Enjoy the delicious Quang Ninh nodding cake to delight visitors near and far
Nodding cake specialties Tien Yen Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh Humpback Cake is made from a typical type of rice in Tien Yen region, this cake has no fillings to be served with dipping sauce. In general, the nodding cake has a shape similar to the rolled cake, is elongated, white and very flexible, so when holding it, you will feel nodding. That is also the reason why Quang Ninh peoplecall this a nodding cake, but there are also opinions that when enjoying the delicious cake, it is called nodding cake. 

Specialties of delicious nodding cake are famous in the Mining land

The cake is characteristic nodding from the way it is processed

The secret to making Tien Yen nodding cake is to choose delicious non-glutinous rice that is soaked from the previous day and picked up the rice the next day. Wait for the rice to drain, then bring it to water powder with a stone mortar to make it smooth and retain its characteristic flavor. In particular, when grinding the flour, you must add a little cold rice to help make the hunchback cake soft, smooth and bulging. 

The secret to making a delicious nod cake is to choose rice and soak it overnight

The nodding cake coating process also requires the operator to have his own secret and a lot of effort. Use a spoon to measure the amount of flour to ensure the cake when rinsing is thin or not too thick. After you pour the cake dough thick enough on the mold, make sure it is not as thick as the rice paper and not too thin like the cake. The fire to coat the cake must be even, so that it is not too hot and cooked evenly, not torn into pieces. When the cake is cooked, it will be rolled up and then placed on a banana leaf so that the cake does not stick together. 

Cake coating is also very important when making cake nodding. Photo: chudu24

Making Quang Ninh nodding cakes beside the flour and processing, the sauce is also the secret to the appeal of this cake. It is a kind of fish sauce with chicken fat in Tien Yen region that is naturally raised. Then non-aromatic dried onion with minced meat mixed well with dipping sauce to make it rich. Humpback dipping sauce has a fatty taste of chicken, the aroma of meat and the characteristic spicy taste of chili. In some other areas in Tien Yen there is also a variation of sauces with many different flavors. 

Chicken fat dipping sauce makes the appeal of the nodding cake

Tien Yen people enjoy the nodding cake with vermicelli soup, which is the combination of water and cake creating an attractive flavor. In Tien Yen, nodding cakes are sold by weight and usually buyers order 2 – 5kg, which is also interesting when many tourists come to Tien Yen Quang Ninh. 

Address to enjoy Quang Ninh nodding cake 

Quang Ninh nodding cake is very famous in Tien Yen, you can enjoy this specialty at any place. When going along Hoa Binh street in Tien Yen town, there will be many shops selling cake nodding. Many other lands in Quang Ninh also have nodding cakes, but only in Tien Yen has its own unique taste and is considered the best.  

Enjoy the nodding cake with delicious dipping sauce

Nodding cakes are sold a lot along the way, but to buy delicious cakes, visitors should ask the local people here. A simple, rustic cake not only has a delicious taste, but also has a very effective sensory effect. Enjoy each piece of hot nodding cake right after rinsing with delicious, irresistible sauce, especially on winter days. 

Nodding cakes are sold by weight

To buy Tien Yen nodding cake , visitors have to order one day in advance, because to make this cake, you must soak rice from the night before. In addition, when you have the opportunity to come to Tien Yen, Quang Ninh, you should not ignore the famous specialties such as Yen Tu apricot wine, Tien Yen hill chicken, Ha Long fish ball, Sausage …

Quang Ninh Hunchback Cake is a famous specialty dish that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit Dat Mo. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Quang Ninh, you should once enjoy and feel the special appeal of this famous cake. 

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