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Suggestions to have a ‘chill’ year-end party at Que Dua, Ben Tre, the culinary ecological village

Ecological Food Village Que Dua Ben Tre is an attractive year-end check-in point for many tourists, especially those who love culinary Southern River.

Guide to the culinary ecological village of Que Dua

If you go from Saigon, you can go to the food court which is a feverish place with outstanding architecture on the river named Que Dua in the direction of National Highway 1A. After moving for more than 1 hour, visitors will reach An Khanh commune. From here, keep going and turn left to Lo Duck Quay Sau Lu and finally about 900m more, you will reach the culinary village.

  • Address: Hamlet 6B, An Khanh Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province.
  • Contact: 0938 999 787

Famous tourist destination Ben Tre. Photo: Que Dua eco-culinary village.

Design bold river water of Que Dua culinary village

Right from the name, the Que Dua food area – famous tourist destination Ben Tre evokes a rustic and intimate beauty.

Wavy bamboo dome is very eye-catching. Photo: Nguyen Phuong Khanh

When entering the gate, you will see the whole dining area between the green trees, and the closer you observe, the more visitors realize the images of the Southern village featured with coconut trees, hut. with simple leaf roof lying gently on the waterfront, windy river bank.

Suggestions to have a ‘chill’ year-end party at Que Dua, Ben Tre, the culinary ecological village
The tourist village is located along the river so it is very cool. Photo: @ thaole.mom

The space inside Que Dua culinary ecological village creates more familiarity and closeness because there are materials designed mainly from nature, attached to river life such as bamboo, neohouzeaua, wood …

Image of typical Southern village. Photo: yunnieiu0911

However, this place still does not lack modern and eye-catching beauty thanks to the items arranged in harmony and airy, especially the bar with many shimmering and magical lights. It is also impossible not to mention the details of bamboo arches, which are very eye-catching wavy shapes at the ceiling.

Attractive weekend meeting place in the West. Photo: Truc Nguyen

It can be said that as soon as arriving here, any Western tourist can feel the open natural scenery with cool breezes and fresh air of the peaceful countryside.

The space inside is designed mainly from natural materials such as bamboo and wood.

What is more interesting than eating the famous delicacies of Western cuisine right on the river, watching the romantic countryside and checking in with countless cool virtual living photos.

Design bold river water. Photo: minhanhvo1905

All of these things have made Que Dua food village become the destination chosen by many tourists to organize weekend parties or recently a rural year-end for themselves, family or friends. Karma.

The architecture is unique but no less luxurious. Photo: dulichc2t.com

During the time when the family’s family is pouring into the tourist paradise of Dalat , Sapa makes these places become crowded and somewhat overload, choose Ben Tre with Que Dua culinary ecological village , if you won’t be free to immerse yourself in a peaceful and quiet space of the countryside not too far from Saigon.

Ideal check-in point at the end of the year. Photo: Khanh Vy Ngyuy Nguyen Tran

What to eat and play at Que Dua culinary ecological village?

Traveling to Ben Tre and visiting the culinary village of Que Dua Ben Tre, you not only can enjoy the peaceful and chill river scenery in a modern and close space, but also enjoy the rustic but delicious food. Western language.

Night view by the river. Photo: thudr.00

From the rice in the sweet fragrant coconut – Ben Tre specialties, coconut tubers salad, coconut steamed shrimp, fried giant fish, pancakes to grilled snakehead fish, fish sauce baths, … are ready to serve for the needs of enjoying the delicious dishes of the customers the most thoughtful.

Western delicacies. Photo: dulichct2

Even more special when the culinary area of Que Dua tourist village is located right next to the river bank to help you get a travel and dining experience that is both unique and luxurious. What is better than when you have dinner at the restaurant on the river while watching the romantic scenery here.

Southern dishes. Photo: @ pha.foodie
Homeland Coconut. Photo: Que Dua eco-culinary village

Besides a unique culinary experience, Que Dua Ben Tre also offers visitors and relatives – friends an ideal vacation and no less interesting. After eating and enjoying the cool breeze here, you can also choose a familiar Ben Tre tour with a garden tour or river cruise, then stop to visit the islands. Lao Long – Lan – Quy – Phung is famous.

The landscape of green countryside garden. Photo: Tu Bears

If you love movement, do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the folk games of the river region such as river bath, mud bath, fishing, monkey bridge … The fun activities here are also diverse and attractive. not less than the famous Lan Vuong or Ha Thao tourist resorts in Ben Tre. Don’t hesitate but hurry up and schedule a visit and check-in at Que Dua eco-food village right away.

The beauty intersects modernity and tradition. Photo: Le Thanh Huy

It can be said that Que Dua culinary ecological village is a resort – cuisine – play on the river with the model of a rustic hut but extremely comfortable. Even many visitors have voted this place worthy of 5 stars because of the convergence of excellent view elements, super comfortable resting space and many delicious dishes. If you are looking for a place to organize a short trip or a country-style end-of-year trip, remember to include Que Dua on the list. You will definitely have an attractive, romantic and interesting culinary experience with family and friends by the windswept river.

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