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5 Tuyen Quang spring festivals are the most awaited of the year

The following Tuyen Quang spring festivals will help you learn more clearly about the traditional cultural beauty of this place. In this land, every Tet to spring comes, there are many special festivals to welcome people and visitors to participate.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Tuyen Quang this spring, do not miss the opportunity to participate in these great festivals. On this occasion, Tuyen Quang province often organizes many special festivals. Every year on the occasion of the festival, a lot of people and tourists visit. 

1.The Xuan Quang Xuan Tong Spring Festival

At Tuyen Quang’s famous Lantern Festival , every spring comes, people eagerly wish each other good wishes and happiness. This is also the opportunity to celebrate the lucky festival of the people here.

Cage Tong, also known as the festival down the field. This is considered the biggest festival of the Tay people. This festival is held at the beginning of the year and is divided into 2 parts. The first part will be an offering to heaven and earth, thanks to the gods. After that, there was the civilization ceremony with the desire to start a year of good crops, lush trees, and prosperity.

5 Tuyen Quang spring festivals are the most awaited of the year
Cage Tong is a big festival that receives a lot of attention from people and visitors

The Assembly section will include a lot of activities going on. Therefore, participating in this Tuyen Quang spring festival , you will experience many unique folk games such as swinging, pushing sticks, walking on stilts … There are also games such as pushing sticks, tug of war, playing chess … These activities make the Cage Tong festival more attractive and attractive. However, the most important thing is still to hang out. Because the tree is also a very important symbol in the festival. It represents a prosperous culture between yin and yang. In addition, the tree also expresses the wish of a windy and rainy year, good crops, warm families, healthy people. Therefore, also in the Assembly launched le hỏi Tuyen Quang Long Tong is a special part of all.

Every occasion of the festival, this place is often very crowded and bustling

This festival takes place on the 8th of the first month of the lunar calendar and it is usually held at a stadium in the area of ​​Vinh Loc town. In addition to the above activities, Cage Tong also has a buffalo fighting festival. The spirit worshiping ceremony will be held at Bach Than Temple. 

Purification ceremony with the desire to have a good harvest year

Full moon in January, this Tuyen Quang festival will be held in Thuong Lam commune, Na Hang district and worship will take place at Phuc Lam Tu pagoda.

2. Join the Dong Tien festival

This is a festival held in Ham Yen district on January 9. This Tuyen Quang spring festival takes place at the Dong Tien national monument area in Yen Phu commune. 

Dong Tien is the largest of the festivals taking place in this district. The ceremony will be performed at the village royal citadel. Then, there will be rituals of offering incense to Dong Tien along with that will be a lucky fortune for tourists and people from near and far. 

Dong Tien festival is one of the festivals with great attraction of Tuyen Quang

Visitors coming here to participate in the Dong Tien festival in addition to seeing the fascinating magic beauty of the cave, you can also participate in many interesting games such as climbing, painting, dancing, or playing games. ethnic minority people book. Therefore, this festival will bring visitors many new things and valuable experiences that are not available everywhere. Tien Cave is also one of the very famous Tuyen Quang tourist destinations that many people often choose to visit.

There is a lot of activity going on at this festival’s framework

The next attraction when coming to this festival is to attend the countryside fair. There will be many famous dishes of Tuyen Quang for you to enjoy such as Minh Huong duck, pickled pork or croissants … In addition, products such as orange soup, broccoli or Forest honey is also the product chosen by many people to buy as gifts for friends and relatives in the early spring of the new year. Another feature of the Dong Tien festival is the buffalo fighting festival with intense and fiery buffalo fighting. Because the people here have chosen healthy and beautiful buffalo to participate in this famous Tuyen Quang spring festival .

3. Dinh Gieng Tanh festival

Gieng Tanh Communal House is a festival held on January 10th at Gieng Tanh communal house, Kim Phu commune, Yen Son district. This is a great festival for the Cao Lan people. The ceremony will include worshiping the village king, worshiping the earth gods and land with the desire to pray for the villagers to always be healthy, good crops and harmonious nature. The session will include folk games combined with dance and singing. 

Gieng Tanh communal house is a special festival of Tuyen Quang

The most special feature when participating in the Spring Festival of Tuyen Quang Dinh Gieng Tanh is that you will witness the fruit stitching contest and Tanh well beauty contest. These are all activities that make a big splash for this festival. 

4. Hang Pagoda Festival

Hang pagoda, also known as Huong Nghiem pagoda, belongs to An Khang commune. Hang pagoda festival takes place on January 8 th. This temple also preserves many ancient stelae from ancient times carved on the cliffs. In addition, there is a bronze statue of Bodhisattva carved in bronze with the incense stick and bronze tray preserved from the Nguyen Dynasty.

Hang Pagoda is the famous pagoda of Tuyen Quang

In addition, this temple is also the hiding place for the first two Vietnamese airplanes. Up to now, Hang Tuyen Quang pagoda has been recognized as a provincial historical relic. Every year when the Hang Pagoda festival takes place, there are many people and visitors to participate. This is not only a festival for peace, but also a great place to have fun for you to choose when the spring comes. 

5. Sample procession

The Mau procession festival is held annually from February 11 to 16 at Thuong temple in Trang Da commune and Ỷ La temple in Ỷ La ward to Ha temple. According to legend, these temples worship two princesses and children of King Hung. Ha Temple is dedicated to Princess Phuong Dung, and Thuong Temple is dedicated to Princess Ngoc Lan. 

The sample procession here takes place very solemnly and solemnly

When the invasion took place, the two princesses were moved to the root of the country to worship and then gradually became Holy Mother. Therefore, the Mau procession is always held here every year. This is considered the unique spring festival of Tuyen Quang with an impressive Mau procession with a beautiful lion dance team. All create a festive atmosphere with full flags, drums … The sample procession will then sue the sentence. Next, the elders and the party of the cheers followed.

The above Tuyen Quang festivals are all special festivals of the people here. Therefore, if you can arrange the time in the early spring of this new year, you should visit this land to participate in the unique Tuyen Quang spring festival .