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Unique Pleichuet Church with the architecture of the Tay Nguyen communal house

Possessing a unique architecture that is completely different from ordinary churches, is one of the reasons that Pleichuet church in Gia Lai becomes a favorite destination for many tourists. 

Gia Lai Tourism , besides the very familiar check-in points with mountain town centers such as Doan Ket square, Minh Thanh pagoda, Dien Hong park …, there is a very special destination with a bold mark with Near and far visitors by extremely strange name and unique architecture, that is the Pleichuet church. This church is currently one of the impressive architectural highlights in Pleiku and is also an attractive check-in point of this highland mountain town. 

Pleichuet Church is an attractive destination in Pleiku. Photo: @heogoeverywhere

Pleichuet church was built in 2005, located at Truong Dinh street, Thang Loi ward, Pleiku city. Besides the familiar name is Pleichuet church, this place is also known as the Pleichuet mission center or the Pleiku communal church. The church belongs to the Pleiku Diocese and is cared for by the Redemptorists. 

The church belongs to the Pleiku district. Photo: Linh Dang

With a look like the traditional communal houses of the Jrai ethnic group, the Pleichuet church makes many people feel surprised because it is so different and unique. Visiting this church, visitors will have to completely change the concept of ordinary church architecture because it possesses beautiful architectural lines with local identity. 

This church has a unique architecture in Vietnam. Photo: Ha Long

For the Jrai people, the Rong house is one of the identified cultural symbols, expressing the core values ​​in the cultural and spiritual life. Therefore, when building the Pleichuet church, people designed the same architecture as the Rong house, as a way to preserve that unique culture over time. 

The church is five times larger than the usual communal communal houses with its pointed and sloping roof, built on a base of very solid wooden pillars located 2 meters above the ground. The roof of the church is pointed like an arrow stabbed in the sky. 

The roof architecture is sharp like the Rong house. Photo: @heogoeverywhere

The church space is very spacious with a large veranda, the main hall is also very spacious. The church is built from main wood material, from pillars, doors, floors to decorative details.

Unique Pleichuet Church with the architecture of the Tay Nguyen communal house

Wooden church is the main material. Photo: Vnexfress

Inside the church there are no familiar rows of benches or kneeling tables, but instead is a large wooden floor, the altar is placed solemnly in the middle with the huge statue of Christ on a wooden cross. 

The main room of the church has no tables and chairs. Photo: Vnexfress

The cultural patterns and motifs of the Jrai people appear in almost every space in the church, from the doors, walls, and ceilings to the central space of the church. 

Bold motifs of the Jrai ethnic identity. Photo: Bao Gia Lai

Especially here, there are very high symbolic details such as the image of a miniature tree in front of the princess statue or a large tree erected in the front yard of the church grounds. Large garden space full of trees and fresh here also makes many visitors excited, surrounded by solid rock walls. Located next to the Pleichuet church is the monastery of the fathers, this is a place that visitors can easily visit during the day because it is open continuously.

The tree is decorated with bold identity. Photo: Vnexpress

Not too famous as other destinations in Gia Lai, but Pleichuet church is still one of the most unique architectural works in the great land and is also the pride of the people here. This place is not only a place for religious activities of the people, but also becomes a cultural meeting place for visitors who want to explore the typical cultural features of the indigenous Jrai people. 

The church is the pride of Gia Lai people. Photo: Bao Gia Lai

Having the opportunity to come back to the great land of Gia Lai, take the time to come to Pleichue t church to admire one of the most unique churches in Vietnam and immerse yourself in the wonderful cultural world. of the native Jrai people in this place. This will definitely be a great experience that makes your travel itinerary more special. 

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