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Ha Tinh ramen cake

A portion of cake costs 20,000-25,000 VND, is a popular morning gift of local people.

Arriving in Ha Tinh, visitors can easily find small restaurants with the signboard “Ram – Banh Meo”. “Ram” is a word used to refer to a dish similar to fried spring rolls.

Ha Tinh ramen cake
Two ram smooth slice, rolls priced at 45,000 dong, often sell from about 6:30 – 9h.Anh: Bao Ngan

Ram was wrapped one by one, intercepted, with about two fingers. The tighter the ram roll, the better it will be, the more the kernel does not fall out. Fillings include minced pork, onion, vermicelli, Chinese cilantro (cilantro), spices. The pungent, bitter smell of cilantro makes the unique flavor of Ha Tinh ram.

There is a similar way to fried spring rolls, but the difference is that the shell of Ha Tinh ram is thicker and has a golden brown color, made from rice and molasses. After rolling, the ram is fried in a pan of boiling oil for 3-4 minutes. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour. Sticky rice is ground into flour, added water and then incubated for one night. When coated cakes, the seller must skillfully take the amount of flour just enough to have a thin, tough, fragrant and smooth finished product.

Diners use their hands to wrap ingredients when eating. The dish is attractive thanks to the opposing combination between the soft, thin, fragrant rice cake and the crisp, hot, greasy ram inside. If you like to change taste, you can choose rolls with silk rolls or pork rolls (a combination of ground pork and fat meat). In addition, eaters often sprinkle a little scallion to increase flavor.

This is a popular breakfast dish that is loved by many locals. “No matter how many delicious and strange dishes nowadays, I still do not forget the taste of the plate of soft ramen from home. Going to school, coming home from work without eating a plate, I am not a Ha Tinh child”, Phuong Bao, a customer said.

Ram should be eaten right after being fried to keep it crispy and delicious, avoid letting it cool because the shell is easily hardened. Photo: Bao Ngan

According to many vendors, the sauce is the deciding factor for this dish to be good or bad. People often use handmade country fish sauce, golden color, mixed with boiling water, sugar, monosodium glutamate. Diners will be able to reduce the bowl of sauce with minced garlic, lemon or chili depending on their preference.

Bao Ngan /vnexpress

Suggested addresses for diners in Ha Tinh city:

– Nham Phu restaurant at Lane 318, Nguyen Du street

– Ba Lai at 5 Vo Liem Son street

– The Ram – Banh Mau restaurant at 15 Nguyen Bieu street

– Mrs. Dieu at lane 7, Xuan Dieu street