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Enjoy great success at the unique Mongolian fair in Dak Nong

Dak R’Mang fair is only held once a week on Sunday. Most of the people here are H’mong people, who migrated to the Central Highlands to settle down nearly 20 years ago.

According to local people, previously in Dak Glong district, there were two largest fair markets: the one in Dak Som commune and the one in Dak R’mang commune. However, now only the fair in the Dak R’mang commune is maintained and invested by local authorities to build a solid infrastructure.

Enjoy great success at the unique Mongolian fair in Dak Nong
The Mong’s fair is only held on one Sunday every week. From early morning, along the roads leading to the fair in village 7, Dak R’mang commune, there are groups of women who often wear brocade to go to the market.
The children also follow their parents to the fair after many days eagerly waiting to go to the market to be bought by their parents for snacks.
People and traders come from many places to display a wide variety of goods, from brocade, clothing, handicrafts, household tools, production tools to Cuisine such as tea, goat meat, buffalo meat …
The market starts from early morning, but the Mong people in the villages start to pull each other down to the market around 10:00 am and they spend the whole day at the fair to shop, play and eat.
In particular, the Mong people love to eat tea, so there are also many tea shops in the market and always crowded.
At the fair, the most are still traditional brocade dresses of the Mong. 
Mong people’s costumes are studded with a lot of beads, making a complete dress takes a lot of time to hand-beaded. The more expensive and showy costumes, the more sophisticated and ingenious the outfits of the Mong women are.
Ms. Ly Thi Sau (owner of a stall) said that the number of goods sold on a fair day could be equal to or more than the number of goods sold on normal days. Most of them are imported goods from Lao Cai and Dien Bien, with prices ranging from a few tens to several hundred thousand dong.
H’mong’s fair market is indispensable for insomnia, victory, sticky rice … Although life is difficult or full, Mong people do not give up this traditional dish.
The custom of arresting a wife no longer exists, so girls are also more comfortable going to the market by themselves and talking to the guy they notice.
In the middle of the market, the H’mong boys often choose an empty lot to play on the tickle

It is known that the Mong people’s fair is being built by Dak Nong province to become a tourist destination. With its own unique cultural features, this can become an attractive tourist product for tourists.

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