28.11.2020, 14:28

The ‘hidden’ bars on the street

HANOI – Different from the bustle, “Speakeasy” bars only welcome a limited number of customers, quiet and private space for visitors to enjoy the most comfortable drinks.

Referring to the bar, people often think of the noise, the crowd, but not always. Speakeasy is a type of bar hidden in small alleys that are hard to find. Speakeasy was born to “circumvent the law” and hide from the US ban on alcohol sales in the 1920s. Quiet space, moderate music, visitors even have to use codes and symbols when wanting to enter. That is the reason why these bars attract visitors to enjoy.


Located on Phung Hung Street, Hoan Kiem, Bee’Znees owns a facade that looks nothing like a pub. Visitors coming here will experience the feeling of being deceived when entering the first floor. The bookshelves are decorated like a library, but when dragging one of the books on the right shelf, the whole bookcase turns into a door that opens up a small staircase leading up to the second floor.

The ‘hidden’ bars on the street
Bee’znees’ first floor is’ disguised ‘as a small library.

In a small, cozy bar space, you can sip the best whiskeys and enjoy jazz music. The restaurant regularly updates menus, diverse cocktail variations and serves live music every weekend, the price ranges from 250,000 to 500,000 VND for each drink.

A hard days night

Hidden in Nguyen Quang Bich street, Hoan Kiem, A hard days night has an intimate, unobtrusive space. The shop has a green frontage with leaves. Inside is a rustic space, legged through dim lights, warm wooden furniture and old Beatles music playing again and again. The restaurant serves simple cocktails, mainly originating from Japan such as sake, Japanese Slipper, apricot wine … The barista can also create drinks according to the mood and taste of the guests. Drink prices range from 100,000 to 150,000 VND.

The restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy drinks for those who love the Beatles.

The Alchemist

Opposite A hard days night , The Alchemist opens up a world of tranquility, privacy as soon as you step inside. The bar is on the second floor, under another pub. Strong artistic style with large contemporary paintings, old jazz and picky listeners, but this is always the number one address for connoisseurs. The bartenders are very hard to update the trend of new blends and wines, combined with local ingredients. Here, you can find hundred-year-old whiskey, various cocktails from rum, tequila … variations with herbs and fruits made by the shop.

Cocktail bars focus on the creation and development of drinks made with local ingredients.

Each wine category is ranked according to distillation time, flavor, and alcohol concentration. Drink prices range from 200,000 to 250,000 VND. The restaurant also serves more dishes such as burger, beef steak, grilled ribs …

Those dancing days

To Those dancing day unlisted address and only catch up to 3 guests each. Guests must contact in advance to reserve a table, to avoid causing noise affecting the surrounding table. The shop also doesn’t have a menu, barista on request and mood. Normally, on Monday night, the restaurant will turn off the lights for visitors to listen to music and talk in the dark. The resonance with that is the music emanating from the selected vinyl records of Jóhann Jóhannsson, Norah Jones, Nat King Cole … creating a pleasant surprise for visitors.

Ngoc Diep/vnexpress