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Picturesque season of rose grass in Dalat

Da Lat rose grass hill is said to be the hottest tourist destination in Dalat. Rose grass here only blooms once a year, so many visitors, especially young people flock here to take “check-in” pictures.

Da Lat rose grass hill

From the end of October to December each year, these bushes began to grow on the hills in Da Lat. This time is also the season of wildflowers. It is the time that Da Lat has a wild identity. Every coming season, the natives talk about this beautiful grass. 

Picturesque season of rose grass in Dalat
The hills of pink grass are picturesque.

This grass is called snow grass but is commonly known as persimmon grass. If you want to see this species of grass, first of all you should set foot to Golden Stream or lonely pine tree. Here you will be delighted to see the pink meadows covered in the hills. Thanks to the coverage of these snowy grass bushes, Da Lat has added a gentle color. 

This place is famous for making young people flock to check-in the rose grass hill.

In what month does Dalat rose grass bloom?

This may be a question that many travelers want answered. It is in early November and ends at the end of December, is the time when the rose is most beautiful.

Da Lat persimmon season starts from November and lasts until about December every year.

Where is the rose grass hill in Dalat?

Not everywhere has persimmon grass like in Da Lat. To admire this herb, you need to go to 2 locations. It is the Golden Stream and the Golden Valley.

Early morning is an ideal time for you to visit Da Lat rose grass hill.

Rose grass hill in Golden valley 

This is considered the largest tourist area in the city but also extremely loved by young people. Because this is a place that indulges in selfies. With many beautiful views like a fairyland. Here, without much styling, you can still take a million-view photo.

Rose grass hills and lonely pine trees

The way to this place is quite difficult, the possibility of getting lost is up to 80%. But you will find it worthwhile to spend with a breathtaking natural landscape of this place. With natural and wild beauty.

The scene in this place is beautiful.

When is the ideal time to see the rose grass hill during the day?

Early morning is the best time for you to watch the rose grass hill. For now the night mist lingers on the delicacies like snowflakes. That is why the rose grass has another name as snow grass. In order to fully admire this beauty you need to set an alarm at 5am because when the sun rises, when the mist starts to melt, the snowy grass hill will turn a darker pink. 

 The rose grass hill is an interesting point.

From noon until late afternoon is when you should not visit the rose grass hill because at this time the grass starts to dry, the grass is darker, which locals often call it “burning grass”, the pink grass hills This is no longer as beautiful as the morning. 

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