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Strangely, the specialty sauce made from lobster and crab is famous for being famous in the West

In recent years, in Soc Trang, there have been “one of a kind” fish sauce, which makes diners remember to eat once, that is, crab sauce, tigerfish sauce, and lobster sauce.

Back to Thanh An 3 hamlet, Thanh Thoi Thuan commune (Tran De district, Soc Trang province), we were introduced to the fish sauce production facility of Mr. Ly Thanh Binh (37 years old, an engineer of aquatic products) with products “Unique” in the country is a crab sauce, fish sauce with “su co”, lobster sauce.

Mr. Binh said that 30 years ago, his family had a job of bottoming (a fishing tool in the river). Every day, he harvested a lot of shrimp, fish and crabs. Part of this seafood is sold to the market, the part is used to dry, make the fish sauce to store and eat gradually. Among the kinds of fish sauce, his mother also used brick crabs to make fish sauce manually.

“This crab sauce dish has left an unforgettable impression on my mind when eating it with rice, it is deliciously delicious to both have the fatty taste of bricks, crab meat, and a little bit of toughness, toughness of the legs, crab “, Mr. Binh shared.

To make crab and brick sauce must go through many elaborate stages
Strangely, the specialty sauce made from lobster and crab is famous for being famous in the West
Delicious crab crab sauce must be selected from live, strong crabs

About 3 years ago, Mr. Binh boldly made crab and crab fish sauce from his mother in the past, but also had to go through 30 trials to firstly succeed. After that, 59 more times to get the perfect results like today.

“At first, I made crab sauce in my mother’s way for the purpose of giving gifts to my friends and relatives on holidays and Tet. When enjoying, everyone praised it deliciously. Then, they set me up for them to do gifts to others. Just like that, the number of people ordered to do more and more, I boldly discussed with my family to invest in making fish sauce for business “, Mr. Binh said.

The finished crab sauce dish is eye-catching and has a delicious, irresistible taste

According to Mr. Binh, to have a delicious crab sauce, the first step is to choose crab that is still alive, firm and full of bricks.

After that, wash the crabs thoroughly, put them in the crab cage for 1-2 days for the crab to digest all the food in the body. Then let the crabs soak in delicious fish sauce until the crabs die and then wash them with fish sauce.

To have a delicious crab sauce, to cook fish sauce soaked crabs up to 3 times and season with spices such as fish sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, garlic, chili, …

At the same time, crab sauce also has to undergo 3 times of boiling from over 100⁰C to over 200⁰C, heat sterilization, bactericidal, fishy deodorization, so when eaten very well, ensuring a long storage time. The time to make a crab fish sauce is about 50 days.

When used, crab fish sauce can be eaten immediately, no need to be processed again because all have reached the deliciousness. In addition, depending on the taste, you can also add a little lemon juice to create a very delicious dipping sauce. Gourmets can use rice paper, vermicelli, boiled meat, shrimps, and raw vegetables in packages and dipped in crab fish sauce.

Tiger sauce co.
Lobster sauce.

In addition to crab sauce, Mr. Ly Thanh Binh also produces fish sauce from coke shrimp (large tiger shrimp) and lobster sauce that also makes many diners fall in love.

According to Mr. Binh, tiger fish sauce is made from natural tiger shrimp. This type of shrimp he ordered from fishermen with a weight of 5-10 / kg; And lobster sauce is made from lobster bought from Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, each weighing 450 grams.

The recipe for this kind of fish sauce is similar to that of brick and crab (about 80%). These two types of fish sauce, after being finished, still meet the high requirements such as shrimp meat remains transparent, keeps the original color, is sweeter, and has more flavor than other processed dishes.

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