27.11.2020, 12:20

Farmers in Ben Tre improve value chains for key agricultural products

Farmers in Ben Tre improve value chains for key agricultural products

Green peel grapefruits grown to VietGAP standards

The Phu Thanh Green Peel Grapefruit Cooperative in Quoi Son commune is one of 41 cooperatives to pioneer chain production in Ben Tre over the past 3 years.

Trinh Ngoc Trung, who grows green skin grapefruit to VietGAP standards, says that since he joined the cooperative, his output has been steady and profitable.

“Cooperative members who follow Viet GAP standards maintain strong, stable productivity. We’ve signed contracts with fertiliser companies for lower prices. The Huong Mien Tay company has contracted with us to buy 450 tons a year,” said Trung.

Ben Tre has formed 8 value chains for its key agricultural products – coconut, green skin and pink flesh grapefruit, rambutan, longan, ornamental plants and flowers, pigs, cows, and shrimp.

Ben Tre’s agricultural sector has worked closely with agencies to increase product prices through VietGAP certification, use of the GlobalGAP quality management system, and the building of brands and geographical indications.

Ben Tre has 9,000 ha of fruit trees, coconut trees, and ponds for raising sea shrimp that meet GAP and organic standards and has set up chain-based production models involving 52 cooperative groups and 18 cooperatives.

Huynh Quang Duc, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, says that agricultural-fishery production by value chain ensures raw material areas and boosts farmers’ profits.

“Linking chains means forming the links between businesses and local farmers, cooperatives, cooperative groups, and groups of farmers. To export to demanding markets, it’s necessary to use best agricultural practices. Businesses and farmers must work together to produce goods that meet market requirements,” said Duc.

Coconuts are collected to be dried for exports

Linking production to a value chain is unavoidable in this era of international integration and globalization.

Nguyen Huynh Mai, owner of Huynh Mai Fruit Exports in Son Dinh commune, said, “Generally the achievements of the fruit industry are thanks to the efforts of farmers who do all they can to improve quality. It’s the farmers who need to produce more qualified products for export. Exported goods bring higher profits but demand higher standards.”

Ben Tre has 40,000 ha of specialty fruit trees, 50,000 ha of aquaculture, 500,000 pigs, 6 million poultry, and more than 250,000 cows.