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Luu Ly Waterfall – ‘beautiful girl’ in the middle of Dak Nong mountain forest

Not only Lieng Nung, Dray Nu, Dray Sap, Gia Long falls, but the check-in map in Dak Nong also has another equally beautiful waterfall, Luu Ly waterfall. The waterfalls with beautiful beauty are extremely attractive to virtual fans to check-in. 

Referring to the Central Highlands tourism in general and Dak Nong in particular, the grilled waterfalls seem to be listed as specialties. The Central Highlands is great with majestic mountains, rolling rivers creating countless beautiful waterfalls and Luu Ly waterfall is one of the waterfalls that captivates visitors by its pure and fierce beauty. 

Luu Ly waterfall is like a beautiful girl in the mountains of Dak Nong. Photo: @Thusang_

Luu Ly waterfall – a destination attracts the moving team in Dak Nong mountain town 

Located in Nam Nung historical cultural eco-tourism area in Nam N’Jang commune, Dak Song district, Luu Ly waterfall  is an extremely ideal stopover for travelers on their journey to explore the Green Road. Highlands.[/b]

The waterfall is located inside Nam Nung historical and ecological tourist area. Photo: @ daulp1

Not as noisy or intense as [b]Lieng Nung waterfall , coming to Luu Ly waterfall in Dak Nong,  visitors will enjoy a tranquil green space with green tree canopy. Luu Ly waterfall is derived from the Nam Nung mountain range, gently flowing and winding along the ravine, creating an impressive and enchanting water painting. 

The waterfall looks gentle, not fierce and rushing. Photo: @ nguyenhungduc1996

Luu Ly waterfall  is nestled in the middle of an ancient, deep green forest, so the space here is very fresh and wet. Stop at this waterfall, visitors will be immersed in the pure beauty of the thousands with the murmuring of the waterfall, the sound of the feet of wild animals and the sound of the falling dry leaves. to give visitors comfort and peace. 

Luu Ly Waterfall – ‘beautiful girl’ in the middle of Dak Nong mountain forest
Peaceful space fascinates travelers. Photo: @ dieu_linh_8996

The waterfall is not too big, but the flow is white like the hair of a beautiful girl in the middle of the jungle, the beauty here is not too intense, splendid but very gentle and wild. 

The space around Luu Ly waterfall has not been influenced too much by humans, therefore, this place still retains its eye-catching green color, the forest is shady to the feeling, but the rays of sunlight are hard to pass. 

The space around the waterfall is shady trees. Photo: @ huyquang.tran

At the foot of the waterfall is a large, transparent lake and a large rocky beach for you to delight in fun, soak your feet in the cool water as well as take check-in photos with panoramic views of the falls. On sunny days, when water droplets from the waterfall stream white foam combined with the sun, create beautiful rainbow strips that make people fall in love. 

Immerse yourself in the cool water at the foot of the waterfall. Photo: @losviajesdewalliver

Sitting by the rocks at the foot of this waterfall in Dak Nong , looking up to watch the gentle stream and majestic mountain scenery is a great experience that many visitors fall in love with. 

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Travel experience of Luu Ly waterfall in Dak Nong 

Because Luu Ly waterfall in Dak Nong is located quite far from the center of Gia Nghia city (40km), so to explore this place, visitors need to equip themselves with some experience. 

Luu Ly waterfall is 40km from Gia Nghia center. Photo: @hue_huong_ruby

The most ideal time to visit this waterfall is in the summer, at this time the weather in the Central Highlands is not too hot, the sky is beautiful, convenient for you to move and watch the wings. You should limit exploring the falls in the rainy season because the road is slippery and quite dangerous. Before the trip, please prepare enough sunscreen, mosquito spray and other sun shirts and hats. 

You should go to the waterfall in the summer. Photo: @hamanh_

To move to Luu Ly city, from the center of Gia Nghia city, Dak Nong province, you can go by motorbike or car, move according to Highway 14. To the junction area of ​​Bridge 20 you turn right. 10km more, you will enter the eco-tour of Luu Ly waterfall and check-in at this famous waterfall. 

The road to the waterfall in the golden blooming season is very beautiful. Photo: @ ngoctam-

When you come to Luu Ly waterfall, besides visiting and taking photos, you can combine with other interesting activities such as exploring and learning about the cultural beauty of indigenous ethnic minorities, tasting try the local specialties such as sticky rice, wild pork, wine …

Besides Luu Ly waterfall, you can combine to visit other places in Nam Nung. Photo: @tuquyen_______

In particular, Luu Ly waterfall belongs to Nam Nung nature reserve, so you can also combine visiting and exploring the ecosystem as well as other attractive tourist attractions inside the reserve such as Dak P stream ‘ Ri, Seven-Floor Waterfall, JeBri Peak… Camping in this reserve is also an enjoyable experience. Located not far from Luu Ly waterfall is Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen Monastery, this is also a very attractive destination that you can combine to visit. 

Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen is also one of the interesting destinations. Photo: @hoanglinhchi_

Traveling to Dak Nong and findingLuu Ly waterfall, you will have moments of relaxation and comfort in a quiet and peaceful space. Listening to the sound of water flowing from the waterfall mixed with the sound of wild birds, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, will definitely be an experience that makes you feel light-headed, all troubles of life will stop. room for indulgence and endless joy.