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Review the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong

Dubbed the land of coffee beans, going to Dak Nong without enjoying coffee here is a very unfortunate thing. And if you are looking for delicious coffee drinks with impressive design, do not miss the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong below.

List of the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong

1. Now Coffee & Tea

The first stop that I want to introduce is Now Coffee & Tea, which attracts young people to enjoy a lot of coffee. Not only because of the delicious quality, bold flavor of Tay Nguyen coffee, but also owns a beautiful and impressive view. Especially in the evening, when the entire space of the restaurant is lit with sparkling lights, bringing a sparkling and magical space, which is an ideal place to check-in. 

Or you can also choose a seat on the rooftop, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the cool Central Highland winds, take your eyes away to see the entire Dak Nong city which is also quite interesting. Therefore, if you are looking for the most beautiful coffee shop in Dak Nong , nowhere else is Now Coffee & Tea.

Now Coffee & Tea cafe address: Located at 31 Ngo Quyen, Kien Duc, Dak R’Lap, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 097 498 3699

Review the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong
Evening space at Now Coffee & Tea
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2. Coffee House

One of  the most beautiful view cafes in Dak Nong  is Du Coffee House. With the location next to the lake, the natural space is very fresh and airy. Around the lake, there are tall and green bamboo groves, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural space, enjoy the peace, are the ideal place to relax and relieve stress. In particular, this is also the ideal dating place for couples. The coffee here is considered quite delicious, bold, but the price is extremely cheap, only about 20k – 70k. As for the staff, they dress quickly, enthusiastically, friendly, always creating a happy and pleasant feeling for customers.

Du Coffee House Address: Located at 32 Nguyen Khuyen, Kien Duc, Dak R’Lap, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 096 760 5605

Go to Du Coffee House to sip coffee in an impressive natural space

3. Zone Coffee & Tea

With a luxurious and modern design style, Zone Coffee & Tea is considered one of  the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong . Spacious space, from inside, you can watch the street outside through the glass door without worrying about dust. Along with the gentle music played, it helps customers relax when they come to enjoy coffee. You only take about 20-50k to be able to sit and sip coffee in a luxurious space.

Address of Zone Coffee & Tea: Located at 1 Le Lai, Nghia Trung, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Zone Coffee & Tea – The ideal place to enjoy coffee in Dak Nong

4. Godere Coffee Roasters

Among  the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong  , Godere Coffee Roasters is considered the most attractive place, especially young people. Because of the impressive space of the restaurant, the beautifully decorated coffee cups are where you can freely take virtual live photos. Especially, the restaurant also set up large glass panels to help diners sit and sip coffee and enjoy the panoramic view of Dak Nong city at night. Besides, the menu in the restaurant is quite rich, not only famous for delicious cups of coffee, but also fruits, milk tea, … for you to enjoy. Each type of drink here ranges from 20-40k.

Godere Coffee Roasters Address: Located at 46 Quang Trung, Nghia Tan, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 0261 367 8888

Enjoy coffee at Godere Coffee Roasters

5. Enjoy Coffee

If you are wondering where to enjoy coffee in Dak Nong , consider Enjoy Coffee. Not only was named the  best and most beautiful coffee shop in Dak Nong , but also known for its cheap price, but its quality. Each type of coffee, or drink at the shop only ranges from 15 – 30k / cup, but the delicious taste is not inferior to any coffee shop in Dak Nong. The style of the shop is towards minimalism, antiquity, using white as the main color tone, so it still exudes a luxurious beauty. It is this special feature, the Enjoy Coffee shop always attracts the attention of many young people.

Enjoy Coffee Address: Located on 23/3 Street, Nghia Thanh, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 0261 654 4567

A corner of Enjoy Coffee

6. Pebble Stone Coffee Shop

Referring to the address of the most beautiful cafe in Dak Nong  , you cannot ignore Soi Da coffee shop. With an impressive design, using wooden furniture, combined with golden lights, brings a cozy, classic but no less luxurious space. The area of ​​the restaurant is quite large, with a capacity of up to 200 guests, so you can find the right location to sit and sip a cup of coffee. Although the shop is always crowded, but the service is quite fast, along with the enthusiasm and fun of the staff, always brings satisfaction to customers. Besides, with a variety of drinks menu, each drink ranges from 20-40k / cup.

Soi Da coffee shop address: Located at 32 Chu Van An, Nghia Thanh, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Photo inside the stone pebble cafe

Those are the most beautiful cafes in Dak Nong always crowded that we would recommend to you. Hopefully, with the above suggestion, you will soon find a stop to discover the best and best coffee flavor in this Central Highlands. 

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